Best Alternatives to Granite Worktops

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Granite is one of the most popular options for worktops, but it surely isn’t the only good option. We are bringing the best alternatives to granite stone worktops, with a brief overview of each material.


Quartz worktops are a great alternative to granite stone because it can imitate it while being 100% non-porous. Quartz is a man-made product, which means it can be arranged to have various colours and finishes, unlike granite, whose colours are limited to the ones found in nature. Quartz and granite have similar characteristics: they are very easy to maintain; granite holds up against high temperatures better, but quartz is completely resistant to stains.


Marble worktops create an inviting and timeless look, whether you choose to go with white or any other colourful option. When compared to granite, marble is softer and more porous, which means it can be prone to scratching and staining. With proper maintenance and use, you shouldn’t have problems with that and your marble countertops will last you for ages.


Porcelain worktops can look similar to granite, especially if it comes in a matte finish. While being more affordable, it delivers similar characteristics as granite worktops- it has a non-porous surface that is not easy to scratch or stain. It requires low maintenance and is very durable. The colour options are similar to ones that can be found in granite range, with the domination of classic colours like creamy white and black.


Ceramic worktops is a similar product to porcelain, except in the production of porcelain it is only used white clay. It has similar characteristics to porcelain, but it is less dense. Both have a waterproof surface, which means they are stain resistant. Ceramic is a cheaper alternative. Both can break on high impact. The repairs of both are quite easy, unlike granite. Just like granite, ceramic is highly hygienic.

Granite worktops are widely used in residential and commercial projects, but it is good to know that there are alternatives available for you. Porcelain is a look-alike that is more affordable but still performing great. Quartz is more expensive than porcelain but has the widest colour range out of all the materials mentioned. Marble is characteristic for its veining, which makes it unique. Ceramic is another affordable option that is staining proof, but it can be damaged by high impact easier than granite.

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