Best Granite Kitchen Countertops For Oak Cabinets

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Oak cabinetsOak cabinets are beautifully natural additions to any kitchen; by using cabinets of this colour and material, you’re choosing to go down the route of encompassing Mother Nature’s beauty into your kitchen, and it’s understandable therefore that you want to work your kitchen around them.

How do you do that?

First things first, you need to think about your countertop, because this is going to be a joint focal point with your new shiny oak cabinets. Because of the strong feature of the cabinets, you need to think very carefully about the type of countertop colour you go for – anything too bright, too dark, or too patterned, and you’re taking away the feature and strength of your oak cabinets.

Granite is another natural element which works really well with oak, because it has the strength and appearance of nature as well. Granite is also extremely strong, and that means you can be sure that your worktop is going to last a long time, provided you look after it properly. Granite is a natural stone which is porous, and that means it is going to absorb water and spillages – this means you need to look after it carefully, by mopping up any spillages as they happen, and also sealing it with a necessary sealing product regularly, at the very least annually.

In exchange for this maintenance, you will be treated to a very strong, beautiful, highly scratch and stain resistant countertop, which is also highly resistant to heat too. Shop around for the best deals and you might even save some cash!

What types of granite worktops go really well with oak cabinets however?

We mentioned needing to keep it plain or understated, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be subtle too!

White or cream worktops probably work the best here, because they allow the bright wood colour to shine through. A marble-effect granite shade is a great go-to here, because you can get the opulence of a marble look, with the strength and high durability of granite. What a combination!

Of course, other colours work really well with oak cabinets too, such as beige for instance, keeping with the natural vibe. Grey is also a good go-to, but try not to opt for a colour which is too dark, otherwise you risk making your room look dull – if you have a small kitchen, you certainly need to go for a lighter shade for your granite worktop.

Whichever worktop colour you opt for, it’s a good idea to head to a showroom and look at colours in real-life. Various lights can change the appearance quite dramatically, and you need to be happy with all sides of your new choice. Internet pictures might look wonderful, but how does the worktop look in the correct size and in different lights? This is something you need to look at. You should probably also try and take a sample of your cabinets with you when you head to the showroom, so you can check that you’re getting the best combination for your cash, and that you know there is a happy match between the two.

Whichever colour you go for, granite and oak are two of the most wonderful natural products to go for in your new kitchen décor – just like Mother Nature always intended!