Best Marble Colours For Small Wet Rooms

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When you hear the word ‘marble’, what do you picture?

Probably something to do with Ancient Greeks or Romans bathing in opulent surroundings, being fed grapes, or something very similar! This is because marble brings to mind images of opulence and grandeur, and this is something which has stayed attached to this stone even today.

If you have marble in your bathroom, being it your tiles, your flooring, or your vanity unit, then you are in good company – stately homes generally use this stone too!

Small Wet RoomsThe reason that marble is used in bathrooms so much is also for a functional reason, and not just about its appearance. Marble is a porous stone, and this is both a blessing and a curse. It is a blessing because that means that the stone absorbs water, giving you a non-slippery surface in your bathroom. The curse is that you will need to maintain your marble stone quite often with sealing because of that very reason, to prevent damage over time.

If you are looking to create or decorate a small wet room, you will need to think carefully about the colour scheme you’re going to go for. Marble is available in many different colours, and it’s not just about white marble, which is the most iconic choice of them all. Of course, this is a timeless stone colour, one which will never go out of fashion, but you don’t have to end your search there.

A small room needs to have a colour scheme which reflects the light and opens up the space, to give the illusion of a bigger room overall. If you go for something too dark, you’re going to bring the walls in on themselves visually, and then the room will look smaller as a result.

So, you’ve decided you want to go for marble, and you’re now thinking about which colour to go for in terms of your small wet room decoration. Check out these ideas.

  • White – We mentioned white marble earlier and we have to include it on our list. White marble is available in several different shades, and you don’t have to go for stark white if you don’t want to, as there are off-white shades too. Remember that each slab of marble is individual, with unique veins running through it. White will also reflect the light and make your room look larger, as well as practically going with every other colour too.
  • Cream – If you’re scared of white, how about going middle of the road and choosing cream? Again, cream is a light shade which will reflect to give a larger appearance, and it will also match together well with many other colours too.
  • Beige – We’re going down the same lines here with beige, and you can opt for a lighter beige or a mid-beige, if you don’t want to go too bright in terms of colour. Again, beige is going to go with many other colours, and when paired with cream or white, it will really give that illusion of space, as well as being beautiful to look at.
  • Light grey – Steer clear of darker grey shades if you are decorating a small room, but light grey looks fantastic, as well as being easier to clean too. Again, you can pair this shade with many other colours, with white and grey being a very on-trend combination.