Best Tiles For Wet Room Flooring

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Best Tiles For Wet Room FlooringThere are many options for tiles in your wet room. Whether it is your bathroom, laundry room, door entrance, or any other room in your house that can get water on the floor, you need to pick the right material and colour to suit your needs.

This article will discuss the pros and cons of many different styles of wet room flooring so you can choose the best tiles for your home.

Vinyl TIles – Vinyl tiles are a very affordable option for your wet room flooring, that are also easy to maintain. They are the most popular tiles because of their low cost, durability, and ease of installation. Vinyl cut be cut with a simple utility knife to fit any space with ease!

Vinyl also has a high end side that perfectly mimics wood or stone and come with inhibitors that will block mold and mildew from forming. Vinyl is also very resistant to moisture because it has very few cracks for moisture to penetrate. It is also considered to be waterproof, as opposed to water resistant.

Ceramic and Porcelain Tiles – Ceramic and porcelain tiles are extremely durable and are still on the inexpensive side of your wetroom tile options. It is waterproof, strong, and also come in a variety of colours and textures. It is a good idea to get textured tiles for more footing in wet areas. One downside is that it is a very hard surface, therefore not very comfortable to the touch. However, there is always the option to have heated tiles for more comfort.

Laminate Tiles – Laminate tiles essentially look like wood tiles but are cheaper and easier to install compared to hardwood. If you are going to install it in a bathroom or wet room, there is a chance that water will seep between the cracks and cause damage.

Mosaic Tiles – Mosaic tiles are a bit more on the luxurious side and cost a bit more money, but most people feel that they are well worth it. They provide colour and a hint of luxury to your bathroom. They can also make a smaller bathroom look bigger because of it luminosity and sheer. Mosaic tiles also are very non-porous and extremely durable. They can also be a little slippery but a quick layer of a non-slip surface chemical should do the trick.

Marble Tiles – Marble is one of the most elegant of tiles that one can choose for their bathroom. It offers a unique and luxurious feel to your bathroom because it comes in small slabs or large tiles. This means these large pieces will make your wet room look as large as possible. Marble is quite heavy so make sure your home structure can support the weight. If not, you may have to get supporting underneath.

Limestone Tiles – The most popular colours for limestone in bathrooms are pure white for a classic look and a two toned colour that has two colours of the same hue but different shades. This gives the bathroom a very unique look that jumps out at you!

Limestone is a natural stone and is therefore porous. A simple solution is to have it sealed after installation and then on a regular basis every few years.

Travertine Tiles – Travertine is another natural stone that is porous and will require sealing. However is cheaper and more durable than marble or porcelain, as well as having more colours, patterns, and even shapes to create the effect you are looking for. Since it comes in a variety of shapes it is ideal for awkwardly shaped bathrooms.

Granite Tiles Granite is one of the most popular choices for wet room flooring because it is extremely water resistant as well as being a beautiful stone to make your bathroom as gorgeous as possible.

Granite is also a very heavy material so again, make sure your bathroom can support the weight. As well, granite can take a long time to install and is also quite hard and slippery. However, that can be taken care of with a simple adhesive, and now the benefits of granite tiles greatly outweigh the downsides.

Best Tiles For Wet Room FlooringBamboo, Wood, Cork, and Glass Tiles – These styles are not for the faint of heart and do have some side effects, but will make for unique bathroom styles.

Bamboo is obviously a very durable material, but it is a natural material all the same. With heavy water use, bamboo can get damaged. Bamboo would obviously provide a very unique jungle look and feel, but there could be water damage.

Wood and cork tiles are in the same boat as bamboo. They are porous, natural products that can look great but might get damaged in the long run.

Glass tiles have another angle on how unique you want to make your bathroom look. There are obviously many, many different colours to choose from that will give your bathroom the look you want, and there is also the option for textured glass for proper footing.

Whatever option you decide for your bathroom or wetroom, there are pros and cons to each. However, it is mostly about preference so make sure you look at all the options and make the best choice for you!