Best Trips & Tricks to Clean Granite Work Surfaces

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Granite Work Surfaces

Granite Work Surfaces

We have all heard varying methods and techniques for keeping your Granite work surfaces clean and shiny. Often, we hear that we should only be using granite-only cleaners to then be told that this is not required, but what is the right thing to do?

During this article, we will discuss our top tips and tricks for achieving a shiny and clean granite work surface.


Firstly, you should make sure that your Granite work surface is still properly sealed and does not require new sealant. Granite is an incredibly hard surface and much less porous than other stones such as Marble, however, it still needs to be sealed properly. An unsealed Granite work surface will soak up all your spillages and damage it.To check whether your sealant is not weakened, simply place a few drops of water directly onto the Granite. If the drops of water bead up then your sealant is perfectly fine, however if the water soaks into the Granite then you need to reseal the stone as soon as you can.

Regular Cleaning

If you spot any spillages or messes on your Granite work surfaces then you should clean them up as soon as you see and notice them. If your sealant ever is weakened then you can end up damaged your Granite work surface over time if you leave any spillages to soak in.

Don’t Always Use Chemicals

To clean you work surface daily, all you need to do is simply use warm water and a gentle soap. Wipe over your Granite work surface with a soft washcloth such as a microfibre one and dry it afterwards.

Cleaning Products

For times when a deeper clean is required such as a disinfectant, then the following mixture will work perfectly. Mix together 50% water and 50% isopropyl alcohol (91%) and wipe it over your work surface and allow to sit on top for 3-5 minutes. After this time, you can then rinse it off with water and dry with a cloth.

Myth About Granite Only Products

You may have been told by some people that you should only use Granite-only cleaning products on your work surface, however this is not the case. While you should continue to use them if you wish, it is certainly not a necessity and other cleaning products will not damage your Granite work surfaces. Don’t spend more money on special Granite cleaning products if you do not want to.

Products That Will Damage

Even though you do not need to necessarily use Granite-only cleaning products, you so need to be careful on what products you do use. Be sure to not use any harsh cleaning products and sponges during your cleaning routines. Anything that contains acid like vinegar and lemon should be avoided as well as bleach and ammonia. These types of chemicals will weaken your sealant over time will could then lead to more costs and potential damage.

Hopefully this article has helped guide you into the right direction with your cleaning routines with your Granite work surfaces.