Best Ways to Clean Quartz Floor Tiles

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Best Ways to Clean Quartz Floor Tiles

Quartz Floor TilesQuartz floor tiles are very hard-wearing and long-lasting, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t need to look after them well!

You will probably already be aware that quartz tiles, quartz worktops and countertops doesn’t need maintenance, unlike granite work surfaces or marble, and that means tiles such as this don’t need to be re-sealed annually or sooner.

Your quartz floor tiles will need to be cleaned however, because no stone on earth is self-cleaning! Floor tiles are likely to get dirtier than wall tiles or countertops, because obviously you are standing on them, and if you have them in a hallway, it may be that dirty shoes create marks which need to be removed.

So, how do you clean quartz floor tiles properly? Let’s check out a few pointers.

  • Avoid abrasive cleaning pads or sponges

Whilst quartz is highly scratch resistant, it isn’t 100% scratch resistant, and that means that you should avoid pads or sponges which are abrasive. Scouring pads are out, they are a big no no, and instead you should use a soft cloth – one for cleaning, one for buffing afterwards. This will keep your surface shiny and mark-free for much longer.

  • Avoid harsh cleaning solutions

Anything which contains bleach or ammonia needs to be avoided. These types of chemicals can gradually erode away at the stone and overtime you will notice that its strength isn’t what it once was. For this reason, stick to warm water with a drop of soap instead.

  • Avoid stubborn stains with vinegar and water solution

Whilst quartz doesn’t stain easily, you may find that a few marks occur on your tiles that you want to remove. Don’t worry, because this is easily done, and again, you should avoid those harsh chemical cleaners. You can make your own effective yet gentle solution by mixing together vinegar and water, and scrubbing at the mark with a soft cloth. This should remove anything you need it to.

  • Mop up spillages immediately

If you spill something on your floor tiles, then it’s a good idea to mop it up as soon as it happens. This is because quartz is non-porous and the liquid is likely to sit on top of the stone and cause a hazard in terms of slipping, but also because stains can happen occasionally, and it’s good to minimise the risk.

As you can see, quartz floor tiles are not difficult to clean, and that is really all you need to know. Stick to the natural methods and you will see that your natural stone reacts much better – Mother Nature always knows best!

When installing your quartz floor tiles, make sure a professional does this job, because that way you know that the lifespan of your floor tiles are going to be maximum, rather than a half-professional job that probably won’t last as long. Darker colours might not show up the dirt as much as a light colour, but that also doesn’t mean that you can scrimp on the cleaning side of things!

When buffing quartz, one last tip is to use small motions, rather than large, longer ones, because that way you won’t get smears which show up when the sunlight shines through onto your floor tiles – there is nothing more annoying than that!

Quartz floor tiles really will give your space an attractive appearance, and as you can see, they are very easy to clean too!

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