Black Mirror Quartz Worktops – Pros & Cons

 Black mirror quartz is recognizable by its high shine, which is so reflective you can see images in it. It is a sleek and sophisticated option for modern kitchens. In fact, black is a timeless choice that will never go out of fashion, but having it in this finish makes it a bit more interesting. Quartz is a very versatile material that can be a great addition to your kitchen or bathroom. So, continue reading and find out the pros and cons of having black mirror quartz worktops


 1. Aesthetic

 Quartz with this effect is very popular because it gives a contemporary look. Your kitchen or bathroom will look luxurious and sophisticated with this effect. Black is also very easy to combine with any other colour, which leaves plenty of room for experimenting.

 2. Non-porous

Non-porous surfaces are ones that don’t absorb water and liquids, so they are highly resistant to staining. This is especially important because mirror quartz is so shiny and its reflection will bring attention to any stais. Quartz is also highly hygienic because of this characteristic, as bacteria can’t lodge on such surfaces. Quartz is a perfect surface for meal preparation for these reasons.

 3. Easy to maintain

Water stains tend to be more visible on black surfaces, however, quartz is very easy to maintain and removing them will not be a problem. The cleaning is handled with only soap and water. You can also use glass cleaner when your surfaces need a deeper cleaning.

 4. Durable

 Quartz is a very hard stone and one of the toughest found in nature. It will not break under pressure or high impact of force; in other words, when you drop a heavy object on it.

 5. Variety of options

 There is not just one black mirror quartz, but several. Almost every brand has its version of this quartz type, so you will have many options to choose from. The difference is that some have more specks on them than others.


 1. Resistance to heat

Quartz is not the greatest material in high temperatures, because of resins. Quartz is a manufactured stone, made of 93% resins and 7% pigments. When quartz is exposed to high temperatures, the resins expand and can lessen the bond between the components. Therefore, quartz is not a suitable for floor application if you have floor heating. However, you can still use it for countertops, just don’t place hot objects directly on it.

 2. Sensitive to chemicals

 You should avoid cleaning agents that contain bleach or ammonia because those can ware of the shine of your quartz slabs. This is especially important when you have black mirror quartz since it is known for its shine. Instead, just use soap and water for cleaning and you should be fine.

 Black mirror quartz is a great option if you want to add something different to your kitchen or bathroom, but without much effort. There are many pros to having it, but only a few cons, which can be easily surpassed with proper use.

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