Black Pearl Quartz Worktops – Pros & Cons

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Black Pearl Quartz Worktops – Pros & ConsMany renovators agonise over the colour and material of their kitchen worktops for weeks (often months) before making their final decision, and it is for good reason. Not only is black a very popular choice but Quartz is also one of the best selling stones for worktops. This overview will provide you with some information on why black pearl quartz is a great one to choose.

Pros of Black Pearl Quartz

Black is simply one of the best colours you can choose for your work surfaces, not only does it look great, but it is one colour that will never shade out of trends. Black is here to stay so if you are wanting something that will never be out of style, black is definitely a superb choice.

Unlike lighter shades, black will not show up certain marks as well such as fingerprints which is great for keeping the kitchen looking clean and tidy without as much effort.

This particular stone is incredible for being scratch resistant which makes it perfect for being used for kitchen worktops as it will automatically be used against sharp objects daily. However, it is still recommended that you continue to use and take all your normal precautions.

In addition, it is also heat resistant which means that minimal heat damage will occur, however it is still wise to continue using heat pads when placing hot pots and pans directly onto the surface, to be on the safe side.

Lastly, you will also have no long term costs after the initial purchase price as there is no regular sealing or treatment required.

Cons of Black Pearl Quartz

While black is a very stylish colour to pick, it does not come without its downfalls. While black will not show up certain marks as well as colours such as white, black will most certainly not show up crumbs and spillages. This means that if you are looking to have a deep clean of your worktop every time, it may get a bit difficult.

Black Pearl Quartz will offer the customer a very uniformed appearance, which may suit a lot of people but equally it will not suit everyone. If you are after uniqueness, then this may not be the stone or colour for you.