Black Quartz Tiles – Pros & Cons

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Black Quartz Tiles – Pros & ConsOne of the most popular colours out there on the market is black, but is it really as good as it sounds? Our list of pros and cons of black Quartz tiles will outline all the reasons why you should be purchasing it for your home as well as any downfalls that you can expect from it too.

Black Quartz Tiles

Black is such an incredibly dark colour and therefore it will match with any other colour or shade out there, so you will never have to replace your Quart tiles if you fancy redecorating at any point. If you wish to keep your existing accessories, then black is also perfect for that too as you do not have to even think about redecorating unless you want to.

Black is incredibly on trend right now and has been for many years. Black shows no sign of slowing down or going out of style, so by choosing black your home will always be on trend! So why not choose a colour for your Quartz tiles that everyone will be jealous of?

It may not be related to the colour, but Quartz tiles is incredibly scratch, heat and stain resistant. This makes it brilliant for being used within any room of the home, especially the kitchen and bathroom. However, we recommend that you continue using all of your normal precautions to minimise the risk completely.

If you choose the Quartz tiles to be used within the kitchen, then you are able to place hot pots and pans directly onto the surface without risk of it being damaged, however we do still recommend using heat pads where necessary just in case, as we want you to enjoy your Quartz tiles for as long as possible.

Quartz is also very budget friendly too! So, whatever your budget, you can be sure that Quartz tiles is one of your best options. And for the price you will be getting a lot of choice in terms of patterns and colours.

Lastly, black does not always mean solid black either. When it comes to choosing a black colour for your Quartz tiles, you are able to choose from a range of styles and patterns too. So, whether you want something sparkly, glittery, plain or with the appearance of Marble, then the option is there.

However, black Quartz tiles is not without its cons either! Depending on the finish you choose, the black tiles can show every single fingerprint instantly, which ruins the appearance of a freshly cleaned stone. Not only that but every crumb and mark can also show up, which makes it harder to maintain daily.

It may be just the one downfall, but it is still a pretty big one to take into consideration!