Caesarstone Kitchen Worktops – Top 10 Pros & Cons

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With there being so many different stones on the market to use around your home for your many projects, it can be difficult coming to a decision. This article will go through some of the pros and cons to having a Caesarstone kitchen worktop, which will hopefully help you with your choice.

Caesarstone kitchen worktops will not only last a lifetime with proper care and attention, but they are incredibly durable and do not require a great deal when it comes to care and upkeep.

#1 Different Styles

Caesarstone is available in a huge range of styles and colours, so many in fact that it is difficult to think of a colour that you will not be able to find. The shades and patterns available are almost limitless and you are sure to find the perfect one for your home.

Furthermore, you are also able to find some Caesarstone worktops that give the appearance of natural stone such as Marble or Granite. So not only can you find a variety of bright colours, styles and shade but you can also get the appearance of a natural stone without the price tag attached.

#2 Heavy

As Caesarstone is much heavier than Granite, you will need to ensure that the frame is strong enough to support the kitchen worktop. You will also need to make sure that you either have a professional installing it for you or that you have a team of people to help you, so that you can be careful not to damage the worktop or anything surrounding it.

#3 Non-Porous

As Caesarstone is entirely man-made, it is also a non-porous material which means that most spillages and stains will easily be wiped away. So, if you accidentally spill red wine or coffee you will not have to panic. Simply wipe it away and your worktop will look as good as before.

#4 Expensive but an Investment

Caesarstone may be more expensive than some other stones out there on the market, however you will never have to replace your kitchen worktop. Therefore, your Caesarstone is a real investment piece for your home.

#5 Can Be Damaged

While Caesarstone is scratch and chip resistant, this certainly does not mean that it cannot be damaged at all. If you drop something heavy directly onto the surface, then you can still chip any edges and corners.

#6 No Treatments

A huge bonus for Caesarstone is that it does not need any yearly or regular treatments and re-sealing, therefore the first initial cost is all you will be paying when you purchase your kitchen worktop.

#7 Family Home Perfect

As Caesarstone is incredibly durable and resistant, it is perfect for a busy family home as well as people who live alone. Caesarstone is a brilliant all-rounder that is difficult to compete with.

#8 Versatile

After you have purchased Caesarstone for your kitchen worktop, you may also be pleased to hear that it is also completely versatile. The stone can be used for a range of projects around the home from kitchens to bathrooms.

#9 Cuts Easily

Caesarstone is easily cut into a range of sizes and shapes, to aid in your home renovation projects. As it is versatile for a range of uses, this is helped by its ability to be cut into almost any shape and size you can think of.

#10 Easy to Clean

Lastly, all you will need to keep your new kitchen worktop clean is water, soap and a cloth. This will be enough to keep your Caesarstone kitchen worktop looking fresh and new with your daily cleaning routine.