Calacatta Gold Quartz Worktops – Pros & Cons

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Calacatta is a famous marble type that is recognizable by the crisp white background and distinct veining. Quartz, as a manufactured stone, can look like other materials, such as marble. When it is manufactured, the pigments are added to it to make it look like other stones. The resemblances are remarkable, only the experts will be able to tell the difference.

 Quartz is a high-quality stone you will not regret buying. Continue reading and find out what are the pros and cons of having Calacatta gold quartz worktops.


 1. Appearance

 Calacatta gold is recognizable by the warm white background and moderately tick veining. The veining is what distinguishes this style from the others. Because of its tone and undertone, it will be perfect in combination with beige cabinets, which will make the veining stand out even more.

 2. Resistance to staining

 Although Calacatta has a white background, that will not be the problem with quartz. Quartz is highly resistant to staining, even wine or coffee will not leave a permanent stain. This makes quartz worktops perfect for food preparation and consumption.

 3. Durability

 Quartz is one of the most durable materials on the market. It will not break or crack no matter what you do to it. It will also last you a long because it is so durable.

 4. Resistance to scratching

 There is nothing more frustrating than knife scratches on a new countertop. Luckily, quartz is highly resistant to scratching and you will have no such problems with it.

 5. Maintenance

 One would think that maintaining white surfaces is time-consuming and challenging, but not with quartz. Although you will have to wipe your light surfaces more frequently than the darker ones, because everything is more visible on them, you will complete that with ease. You will need just soap and water for everyday cleaning; occasionally, you can use the glass cleaner.

 6. Various options

 Almost every quartz brand has its version of Calacatta gold. Although each has similar look, you will be able to look at the finest details and choose the one you like the best. This will also allow you to choose the one that fits your budget the best.


 1. Sensitive to chemicals

 You should avoid cleaning products that contain bleach and ammonia, and just stick to soap and water. Those chemicals are harsh and can lead to discolourations and microscopic damages. If your countertops come accidentally in contact with such chemicals, rinse off the affected area with soap and water as soon as possible.

 2. Resistance to heat

 Quartz worktops are made of 93% natural quartz and 7% resins and pigments. Resins are unstable at high temperature, so make sure you are always using mats when placing hot kitchenware on your worktops.

 Need help choosing the perfect Calacatta gold quartz? Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.