Calacatta Marble Worktops – Pros & Cons

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Calacatta Marble Worktops

This article is going to look at the advantages and downfalls of having a Calacatta Marble kitchen worktop, to hopefully help you consider and decide whether this is the right material for you and your home.

But what exactly is Calacatta? People often get Calacatta and Carrara mixed up with each other and they are often seen to be used interchangeably as if they are the same. This happens because they both are Italian Marbles and very similar in look and appearance as they are both white with grey veining – the only difference is the size of the veining and pattern.

It is rare compared to some other types of Marble on the market such as Carrara and is more white than grey with very dramatic and large veining which results in very thick and predominate patterns throughout the slabs. Calacatta can often be found to have shades of brown throughout which make the veining and patterns even more beautiful.

Pros of Calacatta Marble

Calacatta Marble is often considered to be rare and a luxury piece to have within your home. Calacatta comes with its characteristic large patterns and veining which add to its appeal and you can also purchase it with bits of gold and browns mixed in which works well with a range of colours from cool to warm tones – perfect for those who like to switch up their décor, accessories and colour themes.

Cons of Calacatta Marble

While Calacatta is often known and loved for its large veining and patterns, this may not appeal to some people who much prefer finer veining which is much more dainty. Large veining can often be very much in your face whereas smaller veining and patterns are more delicate. As Calacatta Marble is rare, other types of Marble are far easily to get your hands on and purchase which may mean that you find it difficult to purchase for your home renovations. Calacatta is known for having limited availability so you need to consider whether you will be able to get hold of it within your area.

As it is considered rare and a high end piece, it does come with a relatively high price tag and usually costs somewhere between $50-$100 per square foot. As well as Calacetta having large veining, it is definitely not uniformed in appearance as it has been formed by nature and therefore every piece will be unique. This may be a problem for those who are looking for a consistent look.