Carrara Marble Worktops – Is It A Good Fit For Your Kitchen?

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Carrara is a famous Italian marble type, which is recognizable by its white field and thin grey veining. It is quarried in the city of Carrara, to which this marble type owes its name. It is considered one of the most beautiful marble types, and most luxurious ones. If you were thinking about using it for your kitchen, here are some things to consider beforehand.

1. You can use marble for various purposes

You can use marble for countertops, floors and backsplashes in the kitchen.

2. Marble absorbs temperature quickly

Marble is a great heat conductor, which makes it very suitable for use in the kitchen. It will absorb temperature from other objects quickly, without melting.

3. Marble is soft

Marble is soft material, so it can get scratched easier than other stones. Make sure to always use a cutting board to prevent it from scratching.

4. Marble is not slippery

Marble has a rough, porous surface that is not slippery at all. This is of special value when it comes to using marble for kitchen tiles.

5. It can get stained

The porousness of this material has the opposite side too- and that is that marble can get stained easier. You will have to be more careful with it than with other stones, and make sure to wipe off the spills at the earliest opportunity.

6. It is unique

Carrara marble is quarried in just one quarry that is located in Italy. Because of that, Carrara is very recognizable and unique. Since it is not so widespread it will be a bit more expensive.

7. It is beautiful

Carrara marble worktops have a white or blue-grey field with thin grey veining. This marble type is very sophisticated and will be a timeless option for your kitchen.

8. It is durable

Marble is very heavy and hard, and it will not crack under pressure. Just be more careful around the edges, as they can get chipped, if you drop a heavy object for example.

9. It is easy to clean

Marble is easily cleaned with just soap, water and a soft cloth. However, it should be sealed a few times a year. The sealant will make it less porous and more resistant to staining.

If you are willing to pay a bit more attention to liquids and knives in the kitchen, Carrara marble worktops can be an excellent choice for your kitchen. It is, along with Statuario and Calacatta the most appreciated marble type and it is very recognizable. You can use it for all elements of your kitchen, from countertops to tiles.

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