Carrara Marble Worktops – Price & Installation in London

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Carrara marble is not just any marble, it is one of the most appreciated and sought-after styles. Many famous sculptors, like Michelangelo, have used it for their masterpieces, which speak of the beauty of Carrara marble. It is also widely used in public institutions. Why don’t you have a piece of such beauty in your home? The Carrara marble is also used for kitchen and bathroom worktops. It has white to grey ground colour with smokey grey veins which run through the stone irregularly.

The benefits of Carrara marble worktops

-Beauty: this style is a timeless option that will provide a luxurious ambient to your kitchen or bathroom. It fits well in both modern and traditional styles and it is easy to combine with other colours.

-Cool temperature: marble absorbs temperature pretty quickly; this is why marble always feels cool to the touch.

-Cleaning: the cleaning of marble is easily handled with soap and water. However, you should seal marble worktops every 3-6 months. The seal will make the surface non-porous and easier to wipe off any spills or remove stains.

-Unique product: every marble slab is unique because of its veins that run irregularly. You are always getting a one of a kind product with marble.

-Can be used for various purposes: Marble can be used for kitchen and bathroom worktops, wet rooms and vanity units, floors…Marble can be used outdoors, too.

Price and Installation

Prices for marble, in general, are determined by several factors. The brand and style you choose will shape the price, but also the size you need.

The prices for marble are starting from over £300 per square.

At Inova Stone, we can template, supply and fit Carrara marble worktops for kitchens and bathrooms in London and surrounding areas.  We don’t use subcontractors and the whole process will be taken over solely by us. A base of satisfied customers that always recommend us to their friends and family are proof of our devotion to providing the highest quality services.

Our prices are competitive and we can offer you a free quote upon call or filling an online form. Give us any quote and we will lower it by 10%.

We aim to provide the fastest service and install your new worktop in just 7 days from the moment you get in touch with us. We have a team of fitters with a long background and experience in installing marble worktops, backsplashes and more. We work only with acclaimed brands that are the guarantee your Carrara marble worktops are of the finest quality.

Marble Carrara is still one of the most sought-after materials for residential and commercial projects. This material is an elegant and sophisticated solution for kitchens, bathrooms and flooring. Not only that it brings great beauty, but its characteristics are of value in kitchen and bathroom spaces.

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