Choosing Quartz Kitchen Worktops: 15 Things You Need to Know

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Quartz is one of the materials that has numerous options available, one can get lost. Quartz is a man-made product, which means that in the manufacturing process the pigments are added to change its colour. With so many options available, one can get lost; therefore, it is best to inform about the material in advance.

1. Quartz is a manufactured stone
Quartz kitchen worktops are made of 93% natural quartz and 7% resin and pigments. This means that quartz can be almost any colour, from classic ones to unusual bright pinks and oranges.

2. Quartz can imitate other stones
Quartz can look like marble or granite while preserving its own characteristics. The imitations are very accurate and no one will be able to see that it isn’t the real one.

3. It is more affordable than natural stones
If you have found a particular marble colour you like, but it is too expensive for you, you can try finding a corresponding colour in quartz’s range.

4. It can have numerous patterns
Quartz can have veining or granulation, or a mix of both. Each of the styles is different by the thickness of the lines, their colour…

5. But it can also be a solid colour
If you are more a minimalist, there are also numerous completely solid colours for you to choose from.

6. There are several brands available
With us, you will be able to choose from several brands including Silestone, Compac or Lunastone.

7. Replacing the worktops
If you are looking just to replace the worktops and not the whole kitchen, consider classic but elegant colours like beige, grey or white. They pair well with any colour otf the cabinets.

8. Mix and match
You don’t have to choose just one colour for the worktops; you can choose one for the kitchen island and other for the rest of the worktops, for example.

9. Explore online swatches
At our website, you can see the palette we offer. You can use the internet to discover how that certain colour looks when installed in the kitchen.

10. Visit the showroom
Once you have explored the colour, we advise visiting the showroom, to get an even better insight into the colours. You will be able to feel the texture of the product also.

11. Ask for a sample
We offer free samples to take with you; that might help you visualize how a certain colour will match with your kitchen.

12. Choosing the right colour
If you are still after all that exploring uncertain about the colour, look at the colours that appear the most in your home; chances are that particular colour is the best choice.

13. Ask for a free quote
We offer free quote upon call or filling an online form. All you need to do is to provide us with the dimensions of your kitchen and tell us the colour you opt for.

14. Save 10% more
We advise saving 10% more of the quote because that is not the final price. The final price will be determined when we agree on all the details.

15. Enjoy your new quartz kitchen worktops!
For best results and longevity, make sure to maintain your quartz worktops properly and regularly.

Ready for new quartz kitchen worktops? Contact us and we will template, supply and fit them in just 7 days!