Classic Quartz Stone vs Silestone Countertops

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silestoneDecorating and renovating your kitchen is a difficult and perilous task if you don’t get the information and decisions right from the get-go. If you make a wrong move, you are going to be stuck with an expensive mistake for a good few years to come, and that could mean not only dislike of your space, but also a costly problem to solve.

Your kitchen countertop is always going to be the centre-point of your kitchen and that comes with many different decisions to make. What material do you want to use? What shape do you want your countertop to be? What colour are you going to go for?

A Decision You Need to Think About Very Carefully

If you choose quartz then you have narrowed it down to one decision, but you then need to think about colour, design, shape, and indeed where to get it from in the first place.

You could go down the line of a standard quartz stone surface, which is going to be relatively widely available, and that means that you can find this easily, and probably for a lower cost. The downside? The level of quartz may not be as high, and you might not have the same level of warranty that you would get if you went for a bigger name.

zirix-silestoneNow, on the other hand you could look towards Silestone countertops. Silestone is one of the industry leaders in the quartz world, and they have a huge product range. You can choose from a variety of different colours and patterns, and that means you have a more difficult decision to make! Silestone also have a 90-93% quartz total in their products, with the other few percent being resin and colouring, depending on what colour or design you go for.

Silestone also come with a warranty on their countertops, a total of 25 years, which is one of the highest in the business. This gives you peace of mind, because there is no worry about something going wrong and you needing to pay for it. Other distributors often come with a limited warranty, with a lot of small print, or a 10 year warranty, so you can see that Silestone offer a good package deal.

Which One Do You Go With?

If you’re looking at which one to really go with, it’s a personal decision. Do you go for a big name and peace of mind because of that, perhaps with a slightly higher price tag, or do you go for a smaller name, perhaps with a smaller price tag, but one that may not give you the same reassurance?

It’s a personal decision at the end of the day, but whichever you go for, remember to shop around for your actual needs. Every kitchen is personal and different, so it’s important to know that you are getting the right choice for your space, without having to go back a few years later and change it all again. Silestone are not the only large named distributor in the business, but they are arguably the best, and that alone should give you plenty of food for thought when it comes to making your final decision.