Compac Kitchen Worktops – 10 Pros & Cons

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Choosing which stone to have for your kitchen worktops and often be a lengthy process, because there are so many things to consider. Different households will need different properties within their kitchen worktops, however Compac is one that would suit almost all families and lifestyles.

But before you decide whether you should go for a Compac kitchen worktop, here are our 10 pros and cons list that you need to consider first.

#1 Modern

Depending on the overall look you are going for this can be either a positive or negative thing. Compac is a modern stone that is bursting with contemporary style, so it definitely would not suit a homeowner looking to restore the beauty in their old style kitchen. However, Compac would make a great addition to any home and would work well alongside some old style accessories or furniture.

#2 Size Doesn’t Matter

Whether your kitchen is small or large, it will never matter when it comes to Compac because it is perfect for all size kitchens. Regardless of the space you have available, you will be able to use Compac to design your dream kitchen.

#3 Blotches

Despite Compac offering a stunning appearance that is known for longevity, some customers have reported changes in the appearance when their worktop has become cloudy. This happens due to a chemical change that is often caused by heat or a cleaning product that should not have been used. If you expose your kitchen worktop to high levels of acid, then you may find that it damages the worktop over time.

#4 Easy Maintenance

Compac is one of the easiest materials to keep clean and maintain daily. When it comes to keeping it clean all you require is a mild soap that is not abrasive, water and a soft cloth to wipe down.

#5 Range of Colours

If you are not sure on which colour you are wanting to go for, then get ready to be spoilt for choice. Compac comes in a huge range of colours and shades so whether you are looking for white, grey or darker colours there will be something for everyone.

#6 Hard Wearing

Compac is very known for being hard wearing and lasting for many years. Compac can cope with heavy impacts and drops of heavy objects around the kitchen without worrying about damaging the surface.

#7 Not Invincible

However, despite Compac being able to withstand impacts you are not getting away completely worry free. You will still need to be careful as it can still be chipped or cracked if you drop something extremely heavy.

#8 Non-Porous

One of the best things about Compac is that it is a non-porous material, which means that it is incredibly healthy. When you spill liquids onto the surface, it will never soak into the stone leaving the spillage on top ready to be wiped away.

#9 Low Cost

Compac is incredibly low cost when compared to a lot of other stones out there on the market. Unlike natural stones, you will never have to pay out for sealing every year.

#10 Resistant

Lastly, your Compac kitchen worktop will be made of the perfect stone as it will be heat, scratch and stain resistant. You will be able to place hot pots and pans directly onto the surface without worry, however we recommend that you still continue using heat pads but it is a great safety net if you accidentally leave it on the side without thinking.