Composite Quartz Worktops – 10 Pros & Cons

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When you are first trying to decide on which stone you would like for your new worktop, it can often be overwhelming with all the choice you have on offer. There are a lot of stones on the market that have similar pros and cons to offer, which can often make it even more confusing. However, when you start to do a bit of reading you will realise that it is easier than you may first have thought.

When it comes to composite stone, you have three options to choose from: marble, granite and quartz. What we are going to be discussing here is composite Quartz stone.

Pros of Composite Quartz

Composite Quartz has a lot on offer and it comes with a lengthy list of benefits. One of the best things about the stone is its strength. It can withstand a lot of traffic and usage, which makes it perfect for all kinds of homes. It will also last a lifetime as long as you take great care of the worktop too.

A great bonus for all homeowners, whether you are a busy family household or a professional individual who does not have much time to maintain their worktop, is that it is known for being low maintenance. You will never need to maintain the worktop after the initial installation.

In terms of colours, patterns and finishes, you will also be pleased to know that Quartz comes available in a huge range. Whichever space you area dealing with and style you prefer, you will be guaranteed to find a colour and pattern for you.

Cons of Composite Quartz

However, composite Quartz is not without its downfalls either. When it comes to costing, while Quartz is very cost effective, there are other cheaper alternatives out there such as wood or laminate.

Your composite Quartz worktop will also need to be installed professionally an is not something you would be able to take on yourself unless you are experienced so there are no shortcuts to save even more money.