Cost of Replacing Kitchen Countertops

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 Kitchen renovation can be a big investment even if you are just looking to replace the countertops. Most customers opt for durable materials so that their investment pays off. When you choose long-lasting material, with proper maintenance, you will not have to think about the replacement for decades.

 At InovaStone, we offer quartz, marble, granite and ceramic worktops at various prices. In our range, you will find something for every budget.

 Material cost

From the materials we have to offer, ceramic is on average the least expensive, while granite and marble tend to be the most. The prices for all materials are different from colour to colour. Some rare colours will be more expensive than the common ones.

 The price for ceramic countertops starts from £200* per square meter, for quartz from £250* and granite and marble from £300* per square meter.


 The mentioned prices do not include the installation fees. The installation for all of the materials is priced similarly without significant differences between them. Usually, the installation price will be similar to the one you will pay for the supply.

 The installation for stones is more expensive than for laminate because stones are more difficult to handle and require special training. Get a free online quote for kitchen countertops.

 Additional costs

 You may consider adding edging strips to your worktops, which will increase the price. This allows you to cover the cut ends of the worktops. The price for that will be from £9 per 3 meters roll.

 Sink replacement is another job you want to consider at this stage. Having a stone kitchen sink will add additional value to your kitchen and it will also last longer than steel. The average cost of a stone kitchen sink is £400.

 The bottom line

 For an average kitchen of five square meters, replacing kitchen countertops will cost you from £2000, depending on the material. The type of material is the biggest factor in determining the cost. In the category of ceramic, quartz, marble and granite, the installation will cost more or less the same for the same surface area.

 If you were looking for a budget-friendly option, choose ceramic. Quartz falls in the middle and it is a great bang for your buck, while granite and marble are the most expensive. However, investing in them will pay off because they are very long-lasting.

 Need more information about the cost of replacing kitchen countertops? Please feel free to contact us and we will tell you all you need to know.