Dekton Worktops for Your Kitchen – 10 Pros & Cons

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Dekton is a unique brand that offers slabs made as a combination of quartz, porcelain and glass. Dekton slabs can be used for kitchen worktops, but also for bathroom vanity tops, floors and wall cladding. It combines the best characteristics of the tree materials to make the highest quality slabs. If you are thinking about Dekton kitchen worktops, here are the 10 pros and cons to consider before the purchase.


1. Resistant to high temperatures
Dekton is produced on very high temperatures that are much higher than the temperatures used in the kitchen. That means that your worktops will not break or melt even if you put a hot pan directly on them.

2. Resistant to scratches
Quartz, as one of the materials that is used in the production of Dekton, is one of the most durable materials found in nature. Naturally, Dekton worktops have the same characteristics- they are so hard that even cutting directly on them will not scratch them.

3. Stain-proof
Dekton takes this characteristic from porcelain; it has a non-porous surface that water and liquids can’t penetrate. Spills will just sit on its surface without absorbing and you will have no hard times removing them.

4. Easy to clean and maintain
Because of the stain-proof quality of the product, your worktops will be very easy to clean. Just use soap and water for a day to day cleaning and you should be good.

5. UV resistant
This means that the colour of your worktops will not fade over time due to exposure to UV rays. The colour will look bright and shiny as the day you got them.

6. Wide colour palette
Because this product is manufactured, it means that the pigments can be added to change its colour. Dekton has a very wide colour palette with many unusual colours included. From classics to bright colours, you can find almost anything in its range.

7. Affordability
Dekton is overall more affordable than natural stones, for example. With it, you will not break the bank and you will have high-quality worktops.

8. It offers a 25-year warranty
All Dekton slabs are coming with a 25-year warranty. That is the amount of time your worktops will for sure be highly resistant to all impacts.


1. It should be installed by a certified installer
It is always best to leave the installation to the professional in any case, but especially, when it comes to Dekton installation. If the worktops are not installed by a certified installer, you can lose your warranty.

2. It can be chipped
This applies especially to the edges that are more exposed and therefore more prone to chipping. Pay special attention around them not to drop a heavy object.

Dekton worktops are an excellent alternative to more popular natural stones because it has similar characteristics but it is more affordable. At Inova Stone, we can template, supply and fit your new worktops in just 7 days.

For more information about the prices of Dekton worktops, please feel free to contact us.