Dekton Worktops – Top 10 Pros & Cons

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When it comes to choosing the materials to use within your home renovation, it can take some considerable amount of time to decide and finalise the designs. With there seemingly being an infinite amount of stones to choose from for your worktops, where do you start?

You may have heard of Dekton which was released back in 2013 and quickly gained in popularity. Dekton is known for being an incredibly durable material to use around the home and even in outdoor living areas.

Dekton has been created with a blend of raw materials, with a combination of Quartz, Porcelain and Glass that has been heated and compacted to make sure that it is super strong.

To help you with your decision, here are our top 10 pros and cons for Dekton worktops.

#1 Waterproof

Dekton is known for being great for its waterproof qualities, which makes it perfect for being placed with the kitchen, bathroom and even outdoors. You will never have to worry about water being spilt onto the surface as it will simply run straight off or stay on the surface until you clean it away.

#2 Low Maintenance

Dekton is also incredibly great for being low maintenance too, which not only means that you will save money as it does not require any sealant treatments, but it is easy in the upkeep long term. Unlike stones such as Marble and Granite, you will never have to worry about the upkeep of this worktop.

#3 Professionally Installed

One of the let downs for some homeowners is that Dekton must be professionally installed, which does not leave much room to save money by doing it yourself. Not only is it difficult to install but it must be professionally installed if you are going to get the warranty.

#4 25-year Warranty

As we mentioned above, Dekton worktops, and all of their products for that matter, come with a guaranteed 25-year warranty, however in order to benefit from this your worktop has to be professionally installed otherwise you will not be covered.

#5 Versatile

Not only can Dekton be using within the home and outdoors, but it can also be used for a huge range of things from flooring, siding to worktops for the kitchen and bathroom. There is no reason why you should be limited with Dekton, as however you wish to use it around the home the chances are you will be able to.

#6 Not Damage Free

Despite Dekton being sold as being very durable and strong, Dekton has gone through some testing. During these tests heavy objects were dropped onto some Dekton worktops and during this experiment, Dekton was the only worktop to split entirely and it also chipped around the edge.

#7 UV Resistant

As we have mentioned previously here, Dekton is not only able to be used within and around the home but it can also be used for your outdoor living areas too. Dekton is known for its brilliant UV resistant properties which means that even in direct sunlight the colour will not fade or damage.

#8 Not the Cheapest

While Dekton is very cheap, it is not the cheapest material around. Dekton is by far expensive than laminate and concrete so there are more options for you if you are exceptionally tight with your budget.

#9 Resistant

Dekton is known for being incredibly resistant to most types of damage such as staining, heat and cuts. So, whether you accidentally place a hot pan onto the surface or spill red wine or coffee, you do not need to immediately worry. Simply remove and clean and your Dekton worktop will be as good as new.

#10 Budget Friendly

Lastly, Dekton is great for being a budget friendly option. Dekton is significantly less expensive than Quartz, Granite and Marble which offers a great alternative to homeowners.