Five Luxury Quartz Colours For Floor Tiles

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Floor TilesWhen you are choosing your floor tiles, you need to be sure that you are making a choice which is going to last. When you think about it, your floor takes the most pressure and hammer, compared to perhaps a worktop or a splashback, so it’s important to make the right choice in terms of material. Of course, it’s equally as important to make the right choice in terms of colour too, so you don’t end up replacing your floor tiles too early, because they don’t ‘go’ with your new redecoration.

Quartz is a very popular and strong choice for floor tiles, and it is one which is non-porous, which makes it even more long-lasting. Non-porous means that the stone won’t absorb liquids or harbour bacteria, which could cause damage in the long-term. This is also a more hygienic choice.

If you’re sold on quartz, it’s now time to think about colours.

Here are five shades you could choose from, to give you an ultra-luxurious appearance.

  1. Black – Black is never just black, and there are countless shades which fall under its umbrella. Jet black with a glitter fleck within it is a very popular choice, and one which really sparkles under any kind of light. If you don’t want to go so bright, a simple matte black looks stylish, or you could go a little lighter, which airs more towards the dark grey side of things.
  1. Grey – Speaking of grey, we also have another colour here which is extremely flexible. Why not go for a marble effect in your quartz by picking grey with marbling patterns running across it? Again, you can choose different shades of grey, with dark to light available.
  1. White – Don’t be scared of white floor tiles! Yes, they will show the dirt, and it will mean that you need to clean often, but you should be doing that anyway! You don’t have to go for bright, clinical white, you could go for an off-white shade to tone down the brightness, and to give extra luxury, how about mimicking the opulence of white marble? This is entirely possible with quartz, whilst keeping the benefits of this strong and natural shade.
  1. Coffee shades – The mocha, latte, and cappuccino choice is a very popular one at the moment, and when paired with white or cream for the rest of your room, these floor tiles will look super luxurious, and super glitzy! Go for mocha if you want a mid-brown, latte for something light and creamy, and cappuccino if you want to go darker. Again, opt for a pattern if you want to mix things up a little and add character.
  1. Brown – Earthy shades will always be bang on trend, and having a brown quartz floor tile is natural, completely earthy, and very sophisticated. Again, this is a colour which goes with many other colours in your décor, and one which is also going to be easier to maintain, because it’s not that bright, and it’s not that dark either!

These five shades are ideal for giving you a luxurious appearance to your flooring, and the strength and beauty of quartz gives you added benefits. Remember to shop around to find the best deal on your tiles, but overall, you won’t struggle to find many options to choose from.