Five Popular and Affordable Stone Worktop Ideas

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silver-cloud-surrey2If you’re looking to upgrade your kitchen, you might be wondering where to start. Of course, your kitchen worktop is the centre-point of your space; not only is this where most of the work takes place, but it is also where the eye line is going to be drawn to when someone walks in and admires your space. For this reason, you need to find something not only hard-wearing, but also something pleasing to the eye.

Here are five ideas you might like to check out, all of which aren’t going to require a bank loan.

Choose Granite

Granite is a very natural-looking surface which will add a certain charm to your kitchen. Granite is hard-wearing and it comes in many different natural colours. This is also a heat resistant stone material, so you can easily place hot pans and plates down with minimal worry, however do be aware that it can stain from time to time, so always use protective chopping boards and clean regularly.

Choose Quartz

Quartz is a hugely popular choice of material for your worktop, not only because it is lasts for a very long time, but also because it comes in a huge variety of different colours and patterns. Quartz is very affordable, durable, and can be cut to whatever shape you want your worktop to be. Another plus point of this is that you can be sure of cleanliness, because quartz is resistant to bacteria on the whole.

Choose Marble

stone-worktopIf you want an elegant and luxurious feel to your kitchen then go for marble every time. Each stone is different, with unique veins and colours coming through, which means no kitchen worktop will be the same. Marble does need quite a bit of extra care compared to other stones, but it’s low temperature is ideal for those who love baking, and provided you look after your surface, you shouldn’t have an issue.

Think About Placement

Where are you going to have your worktop? That might sound like a ridiculous question considering worktops need to be near sinks and cookers, but you could also have a centre counter if you have enough room in your kitchen. This means you could have retro stools underneath it, and it will give your space a really modern feel.

Combine Different Materials and Colours

One of the most affordable ways to make sure of a stone worktop is to mix and match colours and textures. Quartz in particular comes in a huge variety of different colours and if you want to go bold, you can go for a neon look. Try and avoid fads if at all possible however, because as soon as it goes out of fashion, you’re going to want to change it again, which is not at all cost effective!

These are five quick and easy ways you can renovate your kitchen with your worktop at the centre of it all, without breaking the bank and requiring a loan to cover the initial cost! Be sure to shop around first, to make sure you’re getting the best deal for your cash, and remember to put extra care into cleaning and looking after your surface, to ensure it passes the test of time.