Granite Kitchen Worktops in Surrey, UK – Price & Installation

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Worktop is the highlight of any kitchen; it will be used every day as a cutting board, food preparation surface, a snack bar, a temporary desk…Therefore, it is important to choose a durable material that can handle everyday use and accident spills, scratches and similar. One material that has those characteristics is granite. Not only granite performs great in kitchens, but it also delivers high-quality aesthetic.

At Inova Stone, we will template, supply and install your new granite kitchen worktops at competitive prices in Surrey and surrounding area.

But why is granite so popular for kitchen worktops? Let’s take a look at its benefits.

– Heat resistant: this characteristic is of a special value in kitchen, where you will be working with hot pans and pots.

-Can be used for various purposes: granite can be used not only for kitchen worktops but also in bathrooms, for vanity units, shower walls and similar. Granite is often used in public institutions for floors.

-Easy to maintain: Cleaning of granite is easily handled with just soap and water. You will probably have to seal your granite worktops. The sealant will form a waterproof surface, which will prevent the spills from staining.

-Scratch resistant: Granite is levelled 7th on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. This means that this material is very resistant to scratches and high impact. With proper maintenance, granite kitchen worktops will last you forever.

-Unique slabs: No two slabs of granite are alike, which means you are always getting a unique product

-Beautiful: Natural stones deliver beautiful aesthetic no other countertop material can give. Granite worktops don’t depreciate in value and will look even after ten years as beautiful as on the day you installed them.

Price and Installation

It is of importance to mention the factors that shape the price of granite. The main factors are the colour and brand. Some colours are very rare, which makes them expensive. Others are common; hence those colours are more affordable. The size of your kitchen will normally take an impact on the price. Special treatments of edges will add to the final price too.

The price for granite kitchen worktops is starting from over £300 per square.

We can install your new worktops in just 7 days from the moment you call us. We are devoted to providing you efficient service without the compromise in quality. We aim to meet the highest standards on the market.

We have experience in granite worktops installation for both residential and commercial project. We can take over the whole process, from template to fitting in Surrey and surrounding areas. Best value for money is guaranteed and you can give us any quote and we will lower it by 10%.

Need more information about our granite range and availability? Get in touch with us today and we will have your new worktops completely installed in just 7 days.