Granite vs Marble for Bathroom Work Surfaces

Usually, homeowners tend to focus more on kitchen work surfaces and neglect bathroom ones. But bathroom work surfaces are also very important and you should take time to consider the best material for them. With that being said, what worked for others, might not work for you because we all have different preferences. Continue reading and find out whether granite or marble bathroom work surfaces will be better for you.

 1. Resistance to staining

 Bathroom work surfaces tend to get stained from nail polish, make-up and hair colours, which can be even more difficult to remove than food residue. Granite is a better material when it comes to resisting stains and removing them. Marble can get permanently stained by these products.

 2. Resistance to heat

 Heat resistance is also important because sometimes you will need to postpone hot hair tools onto your surfaces. Luckily, both materials will handle heat without discolouring or cracking.

 3. Maintenance

 Both stones are easy to clean with just soap and water. They will also both require sealing, which will make them more resistant to staining. The only difference is that you will have an easier time removing stains from granite than from marble since it is more resistant to staining.

 4. Durability

 Both materials will handle pressure without breaking. They will not crack if you accidentally drop something on them. However, marble is softer and it is easier to chip on the edges.

 5. Appearance

 While marble is recognizable by the veining, granite tends to have a more granulated pattern. Marble is considered to be the most beautiful stone and it is more luxurious. Granite, however, is also a beautiful stone, but it tends to have a rougher look.

 6. Price

 Both materials are considered high-end, which means you will have to pay more for them than some other materials. In general, they are priced similarly, but it all depends on the colour. Since both materials are natural, some colours are rarer than others and they will be more expensive. Get a free quote using our worktop price calculator tool.

 7. Colour choices

 Marble colour palette is mostly neutral with beige, white and black dominating it. You can also find some unusual colours like green or orange, but they are not as popular as simple white veined marble. On the other hand, granite tends to be darker and has a wider colour palette overall. It has red, green and blue options. It also tends to have richer patterns.

Both materials can be a great addition to your bathroom, it is just the question of your preferences. Marble is more luxurious and it is more suitable for contemporary style bathrooms. However, it is less durable and resistant to staining than granite, so if looks are not your number one priority, granite may be better for you.

 Having more questions about the comparison between granite and marble? Please feel free to contact us and we will remove any doubts.

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