Granite vs Quartz Countertops – Everything You Should Know

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The decision to choose between quartz and granite is the one that many homeowners have to take. These are the two most popular materials for kitchen and bathroom countertops, so, naturally, you ask yourself the same question.  Both materials have a reputation because of their stability and longevity. However, they are different materials and you should choose one that suits your needs better. Continue reading and decide whether quartz or granite countertops will be better for you.

 1. Quartz is manufactured, granite is natural

 Quartz is an engineered stone, made of natural quartz, resins and pigments. It is engineered to make it more stain-resistant and to add different colours and patterns. Granite, on the other hand, is a natural stone without any other added materials. This fact has an impact on the characteristics of both stones.

 2. Resistance to staining

 Quartz countertops are almost impossible to stain, due to resins that form a non-porous top layer. If your number one concern is staining, quartz is the material to go for.

 Granite, on the other hand, is porous, but it has a solid resistance to staining. It is not as resistant as quartz, but it will not get stained easily either.

 3. Durability

 When it comes to durability, both materials are great. Neither of them will break or crack when you accidentally drop something heavy on them.

 4. Resistance to scratching

 Granite is a bit better material in this category; it is so highly resistant to scratching that you can cut directly on it. Quartz is not as resistant because of resins; they are soft and if you cut directly on your worktops you can leave a dent.

 5. Resistance to heat

 Granite countertops are so resistant to high temperatures, you can postpone hot kitchenware on them without any worries.

 However, with quartz countertops, you should avoid direct exposure to heat. The bonds between its components can lessen when you expose them to high temperatures. If you use mats and trivets, you should be fine.

 6. Colour palette

 Quartz has a wider colour palette due to its man-made nature. You will be able to find even some unusual colours like pink or lime green. Quartz can also look like other stones, granite included.

 Granite doesn’t have such a wide colour palette, but it is still a beautiful stone. Its colours are what you would find in nature.

 7. Price

 The prices for both stones are varying from colour to colour, but certain rules apply. Generally, quartz is more affordable than granite.

 Both materials are an excellent choice for your new countertops, it is just a question of your priorities. If your priority is resistance to staining, then choose quartz. However, if your number one priority is resistance to heat or scratching, you should choose granite.

 Need help choosing between granite and quartz for your countertops? Please feel free to contact us for additional help or get a free online quote for kitchen countertops.