Granite vs Quartz for Kitchen Islands & Worktops

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Granite vs Quartz for Kitchen Islands & Worktops

Granite and quartz are still the two most popular materials for kitchen islands and worktops. They are very durable materials that will last you for decades. Choosing one or the other can be a difficult task because both are very high-quality. In reality, both are very great materials and it is just the question of your budget and habits of use which one to choose. Continue reading our short overview of granite vs quartz for kitchen island and worktops and choose the best one for you.

 1. Quartz is manufactured, granite is natural

 Quartz is a man-made stone, made as a combination of approximately 90% quartz stone and up to 10% resins. Granite is, on the other hand, completely natural material without any other added components. This contributes to the most characteristics of both materials.

 2. Quartz is non-porous

 Non-porous materials have no microscopic pores in which liquids can collect. This makes them highly resistant to staining, that even the most stubborn liquids will not be able to leave a permanent stain.

 Unlike quartz, granite is porous to a certain extent. Granite will not get stained that easily, but you should be wiping the liquids from it as soon as you can.

 3. Granite resists heat better

 Granite is the best material when it comes to resistance to heat. It doesn’t burn nor break when exposed to higher temperatures. You can easily postpone hot kitchenware on it and it will not get damaged.

 Quartz is not as great at high temperatures as granite. Resins, one of its components are unstable on high temperatures, which can lead to discolourations. Make sure to always use mats and trivets with quartz worktops.

 4. Resistance to scratching

 When it comes to the resistance to scratching, granite is a bit better, but not much. They are both very hard stones that will not get scratched easily, but the top layer of quartz can be a bit softer due to resins.

 5. Durability

 Both stones are ranked highly on the scale of the hardest stones. They will both handle sudden drops of a heavy object and other use of excessive force. They are so durable they will last you for decades, without any dents or chipping.

 6. Colour palette

 Quartz has one of the widest colour palettes on the market. During its manufacturing process, the pigments are added to change its original colour. In its range, you can find everything from neutral colours to the very bold unusual ones.

 Granite doesn’t have as wide colour palette, but it has some beautiful neutral, earthy tones. In addition to that, each granite slab is unique, while quartz slabs are more generic. View our stone collection here.

 In conclusion, if your biggest concern is staining, you should choose quartz. But, if your biggest concern is heat resistance, granite is better for you. Either way, you will not make a mistake by choosing either one of them.

 Having more questions about granite vs quartz for kitchen islands and worktops? Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.