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Granite Worktops
Granite has been such a popular stone for being used within home renovations for many years and shows no sign of slowing down, and for very good reason. Granite offers a brilliantly unique look which often is what attracts people who are in need of a renovation in the first place. Every single piece of Granite that you will be going into creating your Granite kitchen worktop will each be as unique as each other, creating and putting character into your kitchen.
As long as you have your Granite kitchen worktops they will never start to fade regardless of how many years you have it, as long as you continue looking after it appropriately.

Why You Should Choose Granite

During your search for the best stone to use for your kitchen remodel, you probably came across an abundant of information and therefor you may know almost everything there is to know. However, there may be little pieces of information that you do not know.
Whichever your style, you are sure to find a Granite worktop colour and style to suit you and your lifestyle. The reason why Granite is such a popular stone is because it is so brilliant for kitchens and food preparation areas.You will never have to worry about damaging your surfaces by placing hot pots and pans directly onto the worktop surface, because Granite can withstand up to high temperatures. You will never have to worry about any burning or damage occurring, however it is still advised from us that you continue using our precautions as usual to help prevent any potential risk of damage to make sure that your worktop continues going strong for many years to come.

What else makes it such a perfect stone for kitchens is that it will almost never scratch at all, in fact it is most likely going to blunt your knives and sharp objects way before they even mark the surface. Granite is also practically stain proof so you never have to be concerned when spillages occur, as the stone will never soak up or harbour any liquids. Thanks to the non-porous properties, it will also never harbour any bacteria or encourage their growth making it a superbly hygienic material for your kitchen.
Although, it has to be noted that your brand new Granite kitchen worktop will need regular maintenance by being resealed once every two years to ensure that it remains being stain proof. By not sealing your worktop as you should, you would be putting it at great risk of getting damaged.

Why InovaStone?

When you choose InovaStone to supply and install your Granite kitchen worktops in Famborough, you are able to be completely at ease that you will be receiving only the best service in your area. Not only will you be getting the best service, we can also promise you that you will get the best price.
We are able to make a commitment to our customers that any written quote that they receive we will beat it. So if you feel that you may have a better quote than what we previously gave you, please give us a call to discuss it.
Our experienced workers have been working in the industry for at least 14 years and therefore we not only do not need to hire out any subcontractors, we choose not to! When you come to us for your Granite worktops the same team who template, cut and finish your worktop will be the same team who eventually come to your home or commercial property to fit it.

Fabrication Process

Our top quality fabrication process is extremely fast because our worktops are only ever completed within our own workshops to enable us to watch over the entire procedure. Our experienced employees will oversee and work on the entire process from start to finish which makes us able to keep to our quality standards and deadlines.


Our big team of experienced and professional workers who will come to your door to install your kitchen worktops will be the same ones who created the templates and cut and polished your worktops, which allows for a very customised experience with us. This also enables us to create worktops at the highest possible standard that we are happy with. No kitchen worktop will leave our workshops that do not meet our standards.
Our engineers will make sure that all of your kitchen appliances that are around the kitchen worktop areas will not be damaged during this process or affected in any way.When our team of engineers arrive at your door ready to fit your Quartz Stone worktop, your fitting may include a trial fitting to make sure that it goes as smoothly as possible, a demo that is completed by the project manager as well as assembly without any gluing.

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If you are looking for a quote from us, then you can either do this on our website or by calling us directly. Our customer advisors are more than happy to discuss your options with you to come to an agreement that you are completely satisfied with.