Granite Worktops in North London – Supply & Fitting

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Granite is a natural stone, which is very popular for kitchen and bathroom worktops. Granite is the top choice of many home designers and homeowners looking to remodel kitchen or bathroom, for a few very good reasons.

Have you considered granite for your new worktop? If the answer is yes, we can template, supply and fit granite worktops in North London and surrounding area.


-Tough: granite is extremely tough material, one of the toughest that can be found in nature. Granite is not susceptible to scratches. This material is so hard that if you cut directly on the worktop, it will dull your knives.

-Heat resistant: granite is the best material for kitchen worktops when it comes to resisting high temperature; it will not break or melt, in fact, it will absorb temperature quickly. You can put away a hot pot directly on granite worktop without the worry of possible damage.

-Easy to maintain: granite is easy to clean with just water and mild detergent. Usually, dark coloured granite is denser then lighter coloured, and may not require sealing.

-Durability: granite is one of the most durable materials in nature and will last you for a lifetime. Investing in granite worktops is a smart idea because chances are you will not need a replacement.

-Aesthetically beautiful: Granite’s elegant and rich aesthetic is hard to follow. It will give your kitchen or bathroom high-quality appeal. Granite is available in multiple colours, but earthy and classic tones are dominating the range.

Supply and Fitting

At Inova Stone, we work only with the highest quality brands. We can template, supply and install kitchen and bathroom worktops in North London and surrounding areas.

Our team of fitters has a long background in this industry. We have completed hundreds of installations so far and our customers have been satisfied 99% of the time. For the past 20 years, Inova Stone has been providing quality and efficient service.

The prices for granite are directed by several factors. The rarity of the colour you opt for will shape a significant role in the final price. The brand you decide to go with and the size and shape you need will affect the price also. Granite is more expensive than other countertop materials, but it’s a good investment since it will last you forever.

Our colour range is very wide, and we can offer various options for each colour. Whether you look for simple black or white granite worktops, we have also many designs to choose from, including cream, blue, brown, green, grey, gold, red and more.  You can take a look at our colour range here. If you have doubts which granite colour will be best for your kitchen or bathroom, we will be happy to give you a professional advice.

Get in touch with us now and we will template, supply and fit your new worktops in just 7 days.