Granite Worktops in Surrey – Price, Supply & Installation

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Granite has been the no1 material when it comes to kitchen and bathroom worktops. The characteristics of the material along with its beauty have made granite the top choice of many home designers and owners. Some of those characteristics and advantages are heat resistance, durability, low level of maintenance and other. Let’s take a brief look at them.

Heat resistant: this characteristic is of a special value in kitchen, where you will be working with hot pans and pots. You can postpone hot pan or pot on it and it will not break.

Can be used for various purposes: granite can be used for kitchen and bathrooms worktops, for vanity units, shower walls and similar. Granite is often used in public institutions for floors.

Durability: granite will handle high impact with ease; once you install the granite worktops, you will not need a replacement for a lifetime.

Low maintenance: this material is easy to clean with just soap and water. However, you should seal the worktops once or twice a year, depending on the colour of granite.

Tough: granite is extremely tough material, one of the toughest that can be found in nature, so it will be almost impossible to scratch. This material is so hard and dense that if you cutting directly on it can dull your knives.

Price, Supply & Installation

At Inova Stone, we work only with the highest quality brands. We template, supply and install kitchen and bathroom worktops in Surrey and surrounding areas at competitive prices.
Our team of fitters has a long history in this industry, with hundreds of installations compleated so far. For the past 20 years, Inova Stone has become the synonym for quality and efficient service.

It is of importance to note the factors that shape the price of granite. The main factors are the colour and brand. Some colours are very rare, which makes them expensive. The size of your kitchen will normally take an impact on the price. Special treatments of edges will add to the final price too.

The price for granite worktops is starting from over £300 per square

Any quote you find we will lower it by 10%. We have a wide range of colours to meet every buyer’s need. We will be happy to give you a piece of free expert advice about the maintenance of granite or help you choose the right colour for your home. In other words, we will be completely devoted to meet the highest standards and quality from the moment you call us until we complete the installation.

In just 7 days from your call, you can have your granite worktops installed and ready for use. From template to installation of granite worktops, in Surey and surrounding areas, we got it all covered.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today and get your desired granite countertops in just 7 days!