Grey Sparkle Quartz Kitchen Worktops – Pros & Cons

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Grey sparkle quartz is one of the most popular quartz colours because it goes well with everything. Whether you are looking just to replace the worktops, or to completely renovate the kitchen, grey quartz is a good option. It goes well with both light and dark-toned cabinets. It allows you to bring an accent to some other parts of your kitchen, such as the lighting or the furniture. Grey sparkle quartz is very versatile because it can be both the centrepiece of your kitchen or have a supporting role.


 1. Resistant to staining

 Quartz is made of 93% natural quartz and 7% resins. This stone is engineered to be non-porous, which is why resins are added to it. Without resins, quartz would be porous just like other natural stones. But thankfully, due to resins, this material is non-porous, which makes it highly resistant to staining. Quartz makes the perfect surface for both food preparation and consumption because it is so highly resistant to staining.

 2. Durable

Quartz is a very durable stone, that can’t get scratched or cracked easily. It will handle the high impacts of force and pressure without breaking. It will not get scratched when you need to quickly chop something on it, but beware that you can dull your knives.

 3. Easy to maintain

 You can get your quartz kitchen worktops installed and forget about them. They require a very low level of maintenance compared to other stones. They don’t need sealing and are easy to clean. The cleaning is handled with only soap and water in just a few minutes. 

 4. Long-lasting

Since this material is so resistant to the effects of the environment, it will naturally last you a long time. All quartz brands offer a warranty on all their products, that can, depending on the brand, last up to a lifetime.

 5. Various options

There is not just single grey sparkle quartz, but numerous. Each brand has its own version of this colour or even a few types of it. It can vary from light grey to a darker background.


 1. Sensitive to chemicals

Quartz is sensitive to cleaners that contain bleach or ammonia. These chemicals are often found in many household cleaners, so it is best to avoid all of them. They can lead to discolouration and fading of the colour, so you should just stick to soap and water. Occasionally, you can use the glass cleaner.

 2. Moderate resistance to heat

 When exposed to high temperatures, resins tend to expand and break the bond with the stone. Therefore, it is not advised to leave your hot kitchenware directly on your surfaces. Always use a mat when placing hot objects.

 Grey sparkle quartz is a timeless option for your kitchen worktops. This colour is always in fashion and will pair well with anything. In addition to that, quartz is a high-quality material you will not regret buying.

 Having more questions on quartz kitchen worktops? Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.