How Can You Change The Color Of Formica Countertops In Kitchens?

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Formica Countertops If you have Formica kitchen countertops you may be considering changing their color because they no longer match your current design and color scheme.

By researching on the internet you may thing that finding an easy way to change the color of Formica countertops is easy.

There are many internet sites which claim you can easily paint Formica and get that new color you have been looking for. However there are a few things to consider if you paint Formica. It may look well for a few weeks, but over time and normal wear and tear:

  • paint will chip and peel;
  • the surface will look uneven and if exposed to heat it will begin to bubble;
  • when in contact with sharp objects, it will scratch.

However, do not worry! There are an infinite number, and affordable, ways to update your kitchen countertops which will help breathe new life into your home. Following are some of the newest trends in products for countertops which will bring your kitchen back into style.


Just when you thought you wanted to leave Formica behind forever, this is not the Formica which graced your grandmother’s kitchen. Today’s Formica is affordable and comes in hundreds of contemporary styles and colors. And Formica’s manufacturer has what they term “solid surfacing” which means the Formica is water resistant, hygienic, fire resistant and durable and wear resistant (scratch resistant). Your countertops will stay beautiful for a very long time with this affordable replacement.


Corian is somewhat like quartz in that it is made of a durable and warm material which can be formed into any shape or size. Like quartz, seems can be rendered undetectable. Corian is made by DuPont and is a non-porous material and thus resists stains and if scratched can easily be repaired. Thought it may have a higher cost than Formica countertops and other laminates, it comes in over 100 patterns and colors and has a long lasting quality.


traditional formica kitchenGranite is a natural occurring stone which is unique because it is non-porous and resists scratching, staining and the growth of bacteria. Granite is also unique in that each slab can have different variations even though cut from the same piece of rock. It is often suggested to choose pieces cut from the same area of rock to get the same flow of “movement” in your kitchen. To save on money you might consider using granite tiles instead of whole slabs. Either way, granite has beauty, durability and luxury.


Quartz is a manufactured stone and one of the best and lowest maintenance stones on the market. It does not require sealing, repairs, or pro-active maintenance for the duration of its life. It is five times harder than granite and non-porous. It is also one of the few stones which is crack-, chip- and break-resistant and never needs to be sealed. This goes to making the stone also impervious to staining, etching, grime, mold/mildew and many kinds of bacteria. With just a clean rag and hot water, quartz can be easily cleaned and maintained. It is also the only manufactured stone made in the UK.

Remember that whatever design and/or product you choose, updating your kitchen countertops is a wonderful what to give your kitchen some new life.