How Expensive are Quartz Countertops? 5 Tips & Tricks

Quartz is one of the most popular materials nowadays for kitchen and bathroom worktops. The reason, among others, is that quartz is more affordable than similar materials on the market. However, there are still many misconceptions surrounding this material, so we have decided to make it a bit clearer. Continue reading and find everything about how expensive quartz countertops really are.

 1. Choose a more common colour

If you were looking for a budget-friendly quartz colour, choose a more common one. Rare colours tend to be more expensive, so it is best to choose neutral colours that are more common if you were looking to spend less. The price differences between the colours can be high, so you can always contact us for a free quote.

 2. Standardize your kitchen

 The installation of quartz countertops also impacts the final price hugely. Installation of standard kitchen elements will cost less while having an unusually shaped kitchen will cost more. If you are going to create a kitchen layout from the scratch, choose a standard shape and design, because its installation will cost less. Some cabinets may require additional structural support, such as the one under the sink.

 3. Choose less popular brands

 At Inova Stone, you can choose from multiple quartz brands at all costs. Some renowned brands can cost more than some newer brands. Another way to save is to choose a brand that is newer on the market. However, it still mostly depends on the colour, so you can find cheaper colours in some renowned brands.

 4. Quartz vs natural stones

 Quartz is on average, less expensive than natural stones. But that doesn’t mean that quartz is worse material than granite and marble. Quartz has similar characteristics to those two materials. All of them have their pros and cons which are different.

 5. Ask for a free quote

 You can always ask for a quote or use our free online tool; you will just need to provide the colour you opt for and your kitchen measures. This way, you can plan your expenses upfront. No matter the colour you choose, you should save 10% more on the quote.
The prices for quartz worktops are starting from £250 per square meter.

In conclusion, quartz is more affordable than other similar materials, but it is also a high-quality material. It is not as cheap as wood or laminate, but it will last you significantly longer.  In fact, quartz is a very durable material and will last you for decades, so investing in it is a smart option.

 For more information about the cost of quartz countertops, please feel free to contact us.

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