Is There A Difference Between Zodiaq, Silestone And Cambria?

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You have been researching countertop materials for a remodeling project, either kitchen or bathroom. And some of the types of stone countertops you have been looking at are the engineered stones such as Zodiaq, Silestone and Cambria as an alternative to granite.

These stones are made of 93 percent pure quartz and bonded with acrylic resin. They are also harder and more scratch-resistant, non-porous, non-absorbent and do not need to be sealed. Because of this it means they resist stains and do not support the growth of mold and bacteria.

While the manufactures of these stones are similar in many ways, there are unique, individual differences which distinguish Zodiaq, Silestone or Cambria from one another.


Zodiaq is manufactured by DuPont. It is wonderfully durable, easily shrugs off stray knife slips without scratching and is highly resistant to stains. And though you should never place hot pans directly onto stone surfaces, it is also resistant to damage from heat. Zodiaq quartz also never needs to be polished, sealed or waxed to keep its beautiful shine throughout its lifespan. It is a great countertop for those who do a lot of cooking due to its high resistance to cuts and heat.

DuPont also ensures that it comes with a ten year limited manufacturer’s warranty and that you’ll have more than 40 beautiful color options.


Silestone is a unique brand of engineered quartz countertops. It is the only one which has Microban bacteriostatic protection built into every slab. The Microban is an anti-microbial protection which helps discourage the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria on the surface of the countertop. The Microban helps it to stay cleaner during routine cleanings and makes it easier to clean and keep clean during its lifespan. Silestone quartz perfect for extremely high-traffic area kitchens where your kitchen is the center of attention.

Silestone als offers a 15-year limited manufacturer’s warranty and 10-year Microban Antimicrobial Protection warranty with their countertops. They also have over 60 beautiful color options to choose from.


Praa-Sands-Cambria-Quartz-Finished-Installed-Kitchen-Countertop-Granix-2Cambria is a family-owned company and the only manufacturer of engineered quartz in the UK. This helps reduce the cost of manufacturing and shipping to vendors and customers. They also pride themselves on being an exceptionally “green” company, being conscious of protecting the American environment. They use 100 percent reclaimed and recycled water in their manufacturing process. Any scrap material left over from their manufacturing process is used as road base material in local construction. All their engineered countertops are radon-free and certified for use as a safe food preparation surface by NSF International.

Cambria is a great quartz countertop for those who not only want the advantages of quartz but also want to help the environment and the American economy. Cambria offers a lifetime limited manufacturer’s warranty for as long as the original owner keeps them and has over 90 colors and styles available.

With all these beautiful choices of quartz the only decision now is to find out which one is best for your kitchen and needs.