Kitchen Glass Splashbacks in London – Types, Price & Installation

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Kitchen Glass Splashbacks in London – Types, Price & Installation 

Glass splashbacks are a very useful addition to any kitchen. They are protecting your walls from spills, but they can be also an interesting design addition. Glass in a non-porous material which means it doesn’t get stained. It is also easy to clean with just a few wipes with a damped cloth. 

 At InovaStone, we supply and fit high-quality kitchen glass splashbacks in London and surrounding areas. 

 Benefits of glass splashbacks:

 1. Resistant to staining: as we already mentioned, glass is a non-porous material that will protect your walls from getting stained by hours of cooking. 

 2. Heat resistant: glass is produced on the temperatures that are much higher than any temperature in the kitchen (about 1700 ° Celsius). Glass splashbacks will not melt nor break when exposed to hours of cooking. 

 3. Easy to maintain: glass is one of the easiest materials to maintain. You will just need the glass cleaner and a soft cloth. Just spray the cleaner onto your splashbacks and wipe them with a damped cloth. Then wipe the splashbacks again with a dry, soft cloth. 

 4. Various shapes and colours: glass can be moulded in various shapes, such as curved or polygonal. It is the best material to use for unusual corners. Glass can be painted in any colour or you can choose an unpainted one if you don’t want it to stand out that much.

5. Aesthetic: glass can be that one final touch that will make your kitchen even more beautiful. It will make your kitchen sophisticated, while at the same time protecting your walls.

 Types, Price & Installation 

 Types of glass splashbacks are mirrored, coloured and patterned. The first one has a mirror effect and they are great as a seamless addition to your kitchen. The coloured or painted splashbacks can be in any colour. The last ones are patterned when the custom-made printed design is applied to the glass.

 The prices for kitchen glass splashbacks are varying by the type you choose. Clear glass is more affordable than the painted and printed ones. 

 The price for glass is starting from under £50* per square meter and going up to the over £100* per square meter.

 The installation is handled by our certified and experienced team. The whole process can be completed in just one week from the moment you call us. The first step is to do the template. We visit your home and take the dimensions of the splashback area. Afterwards, we fabricate the splashbacks in-house. The final stage is the installation which will be completed in just a few hours. After that, your new splashbacks will be ready for use.

 Need more information about kitchen glass splashbacks and their prices? Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help you.