Kitchen Worktop Replacement – Trends, Costs & Tips

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White Kitchen Quartz Worktops

Kitchen worktop replacement can be an intimidating task with so many materials available nowadays. Choosing your worktops wisely is important because you don’t want to end up wasting your money. Most stones last for decades and you don’t want to go through the whole process for nothing. We have decided to make your life a bit easier with a brief guide on everything you need to know about kitchen worktop replacement.


For 2021, quartz is still the most popular material. Several reasons are contributing to this fact: firstly, quartz is the most affordable stone. Secondly, it has similar characteristics to the more high-end stones, such as granite or marble. Quartz is resistant to staining, has a variety of colours and it is durable. However, if you don’t want quartz for one reason or the other, natural stones are always in trend and a great option. Granite and marble are durable stones that will last you for decades. They are unique and luxurious.

 When it comes to colours, classic choices like beige or veined white are always trendy. Colours like royal blue and olive green are in fashion. They are not a typical choice, but they have neutral tones, so they pair well with lighter toned cabinets.


 The price for each stone varies from colour to colour. Some colours are rare and therefore more expensive, while others more common are more affordable. But generally, quartz is the most affordable stone.

 The prices for quartz worktops are starting from £250 per square meter, while for natural stones from over £300 per square meter. Use our free worktop price calculator tool for an instant estimate.


 When choosing the material and colour for your new kitchen worktops, you don’t always need to follow the trends. The general advice is to choose what you like and what covers your needs the best.

All stones are excellent choices, but all of them have their cons also. Quartz is less resistant to heat than natural stones, while natural stones are not stained resistant. On our blog, you can read the pros and cons of all materials and decide for yourself which one will be the best for you.

The second piece of advice is to inform about the materials and see their colour ranges. Quartz has the widest colour range and if you have a particular colour in mind, it is best to go with it. On our website, we have swatches of every colour in our range.

 The last piece of advice is that you take your time so you can make the right decision. Stones are very durable materials and you don’t want to get stuck with a material you don’t like for decades. It is general advice to choose the material first and then the colour.

 Having questions about the kitchen worktops replacement process? Please feel free to contact us for free expert advice.