Kitchen Worktops Installation – Steps & Best Practices

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Kitchen Worktops Installation – Steps & Best Practices

Kitchen worktops installation is a difficult task that should be done by professionals. Most brands even require professional installation in order to maintain your warranty. Since the warranty for stones goes from a couple of decades to a lifetime, it is always good to take advantage of it and call professionals. But if you were curious to know how kitchen worktops are fitted, here we will present to you the whole process. 


The first step before the installation is templating. Here we will visit your home and measure your kitchen cabinets using the most precise tools. Then we will cut the slabs in-house which can take several days. 

Afterwards comes the installation. Make sure to clear the path between the entrance and the kitchen so our team can safely transport the worktops. 


Firstly, the cabinets and the worktop are cleaned on-site. 

One stone slab is handled by three people, two standing at each end of the worktop and one in the middle. They are lifted gradually and laid down on the surface. The professionals will then use markers to guarantee the perfect fit next time worktops are laid down. 

The slabs are then lifted and caulking applied to the contact surface. A smooth and even layer should be applied. The slabs are again lifted and placed into position. If there’s any excess caulk it should be cleaned. Since stone worktops are heavy, they will make enough pressure to adhere to the surface. 

The caulking should be left for a few hours to dry. The best is to leave it for the day and start using your worktops the next day. Once it has set, it will not move anywhere. Stone kitchen worktops are very durable materials and with the proper installation, they will last you for decades.

It is best to leave the installation to the professionals who are trained to handle heavy stone slabs. This way, you are avoiding any possible accidents that you may do, but you are also preserving your warranty. Once the worktops are installed by professionals, they will not move around or cause any other troubles.

Having more question about the installation of kitchen worktops? Please feel free to contact us and we will tell you all you want to know.