Kitchen Worktops Replacement – 8 Things You Should Know

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No matter what reason is for replacing a kitchen worktop, it can be an interesting, yet very difficult process. It is important to choose the material that will make a good investment; such materials are surely natural and manufactured stones.

We have decided to make it easier on you with the list of things you should know about kitchen worktops replacement.

1. Inform about the materials

Nowadays, you can find online information about anything you need, which includes materials for kitchen worktops too. You can also look at our blog section and read about the pros and cons of materials such as granite, marble or quartz. We will be also happy to give you a free advice upon every call.

2. Vague the pros and cons

Every material has its pros and cons; the best one for you will be the one that fits your manner of use.

3. Sample the colours and patterns

Online swatches can be a good guide, but it is best to see the colours and patterns in person. Therefore, we encourage you to visit our showroom; you can even take a free sample with you.

4. Plan your costs in advance

The prices for worktops are dictated by several reasons; the material, brand and colour you opt for are the main factors that form the price, but also the size of your kitchen and the treatments of the edges will add to the price. We can offer you a free quote, all you need to do is to provide us with measures of your kitchen and style you opt for.

5. Save 10% more

The quote we will give you is not a final price, therefore we advise you to save 10% more of the quote we give you.

6. Invest smartly

It is better to pay a bit more for materials such as granite or quartz, that will not need a replacement for a significant amount of time, then having to replace your worktops again after 5 years. Natural and manufactured stones are a smart investment because they can last for a lifetime.

7. You can mix and match materials and colours

You don’t need to choose just one material and colour; you can, for example, choose granite as the main material and for the kitchen island, you can choose marble as an accent.

8. Prepare the kitchen before the installation

You should make a clear path between the entrance and your kitchen, for our team to transport the material safely. The installation takes only a few hours, so be sure to be present at all times. If you want, you can observe the process.

Need kitchen worktops replacement? At InovaStone, we template, supply and fit kitchen worktops at competitive prices. We offer a range of materials, including granite, marble, quartz, porcelain and ceramic. We work only with renowned brands that are the guarantee of quality and highest standards.

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