Kitchen Worktops with Marble Effect Stone – 10 Advantages

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Kitchen Worktops with Marble Effect Stone – 10 Advantages

Marble is a beautiful stone but it can be tricky to maintain. Although marble has some great characteristics, you will have to keep spills under control because it can get stained. But if you are not willing to pay a bit more attention, there is a way to still get the marble effect, but without the worries of your worktops getting stained. The solution is in quartz, which can have a marble effect while at the same time being resistant to staining. 


1. Beauty

Marble has been considered the most beautiful stone and quartz with marble effect is no different. It is elegant, sophisticated and luxurious. It will make any kitchen one of a kind. 

2. Non-porous

Non-porous materials are free of microscopic pores in which liquids can collect. Such materials are highly hygienic as no germs and bacteria can harbour on it. 

3. Resistant to staining

Another benefit of non-porous products is that they are resistant to staining. Drinks and food particles will just sit on top without absorbing, making quartz a perfect surface for food preparation and consummation. 

4. Durable

Quartz is ranking 7th on the scale of hardest stones, 10 being the diamond. This means that quartz worktops are very durable and can withstand forces that other materials can’t.

5. Various colour options

Quartz is a manufactured stone, made of natural quartz, resins and pigments. Pigments are added during the manufacturing process to change its colour or add patterns. Because of this quartz has a very versatile colour range and can have a marble effect. In its range, you will be able to find almost any colour you like. 

6. Resistant to scratching

Quartz will not get scratched easily as it is very hard. You can cut directly on it, just beware that you can dull your knives.

7. Easy to maintain

Quartz is one of the easiest materials when it comes to maintenance. This material doesn’t need sealing because resins are already acting as a sealant. 

8. Relatively affordable

Compared to other stones, quartz is in the mid-price range, while at the same time providing great characteristics. 

9. Easy to clean

Quartz has a smooth and sleek surface which makes the cleaning easy. All you will need is mild detergent and water. Wipe your worktops with a soft cloth, and then rinse off with a clean damped cloth.

10. Luxurious

Stones with marble effect are very luxurious and will look more expensive than they really are. They are classic and you will not have to think about the replacement for decades because they are always in fashion.

This material is a great substitute for marble because it is more resistant to staining and scratching. You will have a very similar effect with it while also having to pay less for it. It is a material worth investing in and you will not regret your choice.  Browse our wide collection of quartz marble look stones.

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