Light Grey Quartz Kitchen Worktops – Pros & Cons

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Light grey is one of the classic choices that will go well with almost anything. This colour matches well with any other colour and you can achieve different results depending on the colour of your cabinets. You can have a romantic kitchen pairing it with light-toned wooden cabinets, or a dramatic modern look with dark toned or black cabinets.

You can even play with colour and pair it with green, red, or blue cabinets and it will look excellent. And when it comes to quartz, it is one of the best materials available for kitchen worktops. Its characteristics are of great value and will make working in the kitchen a lot easier.

At InovaStone, we offer light grey quartz kitchen worktops at competitive prices from renowned brands.


It can be matched with almost anything

Light grey is very appreciative for all sorts of combinations- as we already mentioned, you can pair it with coloured cabinets or with classic white, beige and black and achieve amazing results.

Quartz is easy to maintain

Cleaning of quartz worktops is easily done with just soap and water. You can forget about sealing with quartz, as this material doesn’t need it.

Quartz has a non-porous surface

The non-porous nature of quartz prevents water and liquids from absorbing and leaving a stain. Your quartz kitchen worktops will be without any trace of use for many years because of this characteristic.

It is very durable

Quartz worktops will handle high impact without any damages, breaking or cracking. This material is one of the toughest that can be found in nature and you will have no worries with it when it comes to breaking or cracking.

It is a long-term investment

As we already mentioned, quartz is very durable and will last you for a significant amount of time. Also, it will not change its appearance and will look the same as when you bought it even after many years.


Restricted to indoor use only

Quartz is a manufactured stone, made of 93% natural quartz and 7% resin and pigments. The resins are UV unstable, which is the reason why quartz shouldn’t be used outdoors.

Sensitive to chemicals

Harsh cleaners that contain bleach or ammonia can damage your quartz worktops. You should avoid such cleaners at all times and use just soap and water. If your quartz kitchen worktops accidentally come in contact with such chemicals, neutralize its effect with water.

At InovaStone, we template, supply and fit light grey quartz worktops at competitive prices. In just 7 days from your call, you can have your worktops installed and ready for use. We offer quartz worktops from various brands and of different styles. You can choose from completely solid colours to colours with veining or granulation.

Need more information about the prices of light grey quartz worktops? Contact us and we will be happy to help you.