Limestone vs Quartzite – 7 Things you should know

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Limestone vs Quartzite – 7 Things you should know

Limestone and quartzite are two stones which have been in the shadow of the more popular granite and marble for years. Nowadays, they are gaining more popularity and many homeowners are choosing them for their bathrooms and kitchens. Although they have some similar characteristics, they also have their differences. Continue reading this comparison between limestone and quartzite and decide for yourself which one will be better for you.

 1. They are natural stones

 Both stones are quarried in a similar way to other natural stones, such as granite and marble. They are then shaped in the slabs and distributed globally. They don’t have any added materials and are completely natural products, being a great choice for tailor made kitchen worktops.

 2. They are durable

 Stones are very durable materials and will resist pressure with ease. Limestone and quartzite are the same. Although quartzite will stand against the high impact of force a bit better, with everyday use you will not have problems with limestone either.

 3. They need to be sealed

 Stones are also porous materials and can get stained because of that. The sealant will form a waterproof layer on top and make them more resistant to staining. However, you should seal both once or twice a year and they are not the easiest to maintain because of that. On the other hand, they are both easy to clean with just soap and water.

 4. Resistance to heat

 Quartzite is a bit better material when it comes to the resistance to high temperatures. If you need to you can postpone hot cookware on both, making sure not to leave it for too long. Although they are both resistant to heat, they are not as good as granite and using pads is advised.

 5. Appearance

 Limestone is considered one of the most beautiful stones. It often has a smooth, fine-grained appearance.  It is most often found in cream colour, but it can be found in brown, grey, black and other colours. Quartzite often looks like marble and it is usually white coloured.

 6. Pricing

 The prices for both materials are more affordable than the luxurious granite and marble. They are a mid-range option when it comes to the pricing.

 7. Resistance to scratching

 Quartzite is also a bit more resistant to scratching. With proper use, you shouldn’t have a problem with either one of them. Just make sure to use a cutting board with sharp knives.

 Quartzite and limestone are good replacements for granite and marble. They are also natural stones and are very durable. They are more affordable than granite and marble and you will not break the bank with them. Although they have some characteristics a bit weaker than the two, they are very similar in the appearance and will make an affordable substitution.

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