Lunastone Kitchen Worktops – Pros & Cons

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Lunastone Kitchen Worktops – Pros & ConsLunastone is quickly becoming one of the most popular stones on the market and for very good reason. With Lunastone, as it is entirely man made you can be sure that you will be getting the highest standard possible with a wide range to choose from in terms of colour, patterns and overall style.

Before you make any purchase, here are some pros and cons of Lunastone to help you make your decision.

Lunastone Pros

Lunastone is entirely man made however it has been made up of 93% Natural Quartz and 7% Resins, making it almost a natural stone! So, if you are looking for a natural stone but without the price tag, this is certainly the next best thing.

As it has been man made, Lunastone is incredibly customisable which means that you get to choose from a huge selection of colours and patterns available to suit your individual style.

As it has been man made, it has been designed with customer satisfaction in mind. Lunastone is difficult to scratch which makes it perfect for kitchen worktops. If you ever accidentally slip with a knife, then there will be no major panic as the chances are your kitchen worktop is absolutely fine!

Lunastone is also very heat resistant too. The heat resistant properties will allow you to place hot pots and pans directly onto the surface, however we do still advise you to use all precautions as we want to help you minimise any potential risk.

Lunastone Cons

As you can see, Lunastone comes with a long list of advantages and reasons why you should definitely be purchasing it for your kitchen worktop. However, it is not the most affordable option out there by any means. Even so, despite it not being the cheapest it is a top quality stone, so it is most definitely worth it. But you need to take your time to determine whether all of the features of Lunastone benefit you and which ones you will need the most.

Lastly, as Lunastone comes in a huge range of colours and styles, it can be overwhelming for a lot of homeowners. Some customers want it to be made easy to decide and therefore Lunastone may deter certain homeowners from even considering it.