Lunastone Kitchen Worktops – Pros & Cons

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Lunastone Kitchen WorktopsDecorating your kitchen is no easy task, and you have various decisions to make before you finalise your design, and get to work on the practical aspects of the whole project.

If you’re doing a total redecoration, then you need to do even more planning, and this is probably going to encompass your kitchen worktop as well as everything else, including cabinets, walls, and flooring.

Quartz is one of the most popular choices for kitchen worktops these days, and they also come in various different brand names and manufacturers. Lunastone is one of those brand names, and one which comes with many perks, aside from the wonder of quartz overall. When compared to marble and granite, quartz really does come out on top in many different areas, but it’s probably the zero maintenance side of things which gains the most plaudits.

Let’s check out the pros and cons of Lunastone kitchen worktops, in a bit more detail.

Pros of Lunastone Kitchen Worktops

  • Very Strong – Quartz is a natural stone, mined from the earth’s surface, and that means major strength. Overall, your worktop will be around 93% natural stone, and just 7% resin added in for effect.
  • Durable – With strength comes durability, and this is a stone which is going to stand the test of time in a big, big way.
  • Huge range of colours, patterns, and finishes – The range is huge, and you won’t struggle to find what you’re looking for. Remember to go with a colour which will survive other redecorations after the one you’re doing, because that way you’re getting a cost effective choice too.
  • Long warranty available – Lunastone come with various warranties, depending on where you purchase your worktop from, and the type of product you go for.
  • You can shop around for the best deals
  • Zero maintenance required – Quartz is a non-porous stone and that means that it doesn’t need regular sealing, unlike marble and granite. Cleaning quartz is ultra-easy too, with only warm, soapy water and a soft cloth required. Remember to avoid harsh cleaning products and abrasive cleaning cloths, and you’re good to go.

Cons of Lunastone Kitchen Worktops

  • Not the cheapest option on the market – Because we’re talking about a brand name, Lunastone may not be the cheapest option available to you, however it is a quality option, so you need to think carefully about each avenue.
  • The huge range of colours could be overwhelming – The chance of making a mistake is increased when you have so much choice before you.

As you can see, there are many more pros than cons, which should tell you a lot about the very positive decision you’ll be making if you opt for Lunastone kitchen worktops. Remember to shop around, because you could find yourself a bargain at regular sale times, such as New Year and Black Friday, and always remember to check out colours in person, in a showroom, to ensure that you’re getting the right appearance for the type of light you have in your kitchen.

Of course, you should explore granite and marble too, because you need to make an informed decision, but many people go for quartz in the end for a good reason, and that should tell you a lot about the wonder of this stunning natural stone.