Marble Effect Quartz Kitchen Worktops in London – Price & Installation

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Marble Effect Quartz Kitchen Worktops in London – Price & Installation

Quartz with marble effect is a great way to introduce elegance and luxury to your kitchen. The combination of marble’s beauty and quartz’s sturdiness has been the favourite of many homeowners and designers for years now. This tested combination is a timeless and excellent choice for anyone looking to invest in new kitchen worktops.

 At Inova Stone, we supply, template and fit marble effect worktops in London and surrounding areas at affordable prices.

 Benefits of Quartz Marble Effect Worktops:

 Non-porous: quartz with marble effect has one great advantage that marble doesn’t which is the reason why many homeowners choose quartz before marble. That advantage is its non-porousness and ability to resist stains. Even the most persistent liquids will not be able to leave a stain on your quartz stone worktops.

 Long-lasting: quart is one of the most durable stones found in nature. It will not break under high impact of force or pressure. It is an excellent material for kitchen worktops because it doesn’t scratch that easily. If you need to quickly chop something directly on your worktops, quartz will handle it.

 Numerous options: quartz is a manufactured stone and it has a very wide colour range. During its production, the pigments are added to make patterns and make it look like marble. The imitations are so accurate only the experts could tell the difference.

 Easy to maintain: quartz has a sleek and smooth surface which makes the cleaning effortless. All you will need is some soap, water and a soft cloth. Quartz is also one of the few materials that don’t need sealing.

 Price & Installation

The prices for quartz marble look worktops starts from £250/sqm but it depends by many factors like colour, brand, stone thickness and more. We offer quartz worktops marble look in London and surrounding areas from well-renowned brands like Silestone, Classic Quartz Stone, Caesarstone, Cimestone and more. You will have the opportunity to choose from several different brands and choose the one that fits your budget the most.

If you have a limited budget, choosing a newer brand instead of a well-known is a great way to save. Each brand has different pricing and that is one reason why the prices differ.

 The other main reason is the colour. Some colours are rare and they will be more expensive. Nevertheless, you can always get a free quote for any colour you opt for. You can also visit InovaStones’s showroom in Slough to see and get free samples. They might help you visualize how will a certain colour match with the rest of your home style.

 The installation is handled by our experienced and fully qualified team, making sure that your home is not disrupted for too long. It will take a few hours and after it is completed, your worktops will be ready to use.

 For more information about the prices of marble effect quartz worktops in London, please feel free to contact us.