Marble Vanity Units – Cost & Installation

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When it comes to installing bathroom vanity units, there are not many people who could give this a try and succeed. Even if changing a vanity is relatively easy, and requires just basic plumbing and carpentry skills, many people don’t possess these abilities. For achieving a complete transformation, paint the walls at the same. You won’t be disappointed!

Changing a vanity unit consists in 3 facts:

  1. Complexity : Moderate;
  2. Time: Weekend;
  3. Cost: Over $500;

Cost of Installing a Vanity Top

marble-vanity-unitsThe reason many people choose to replace their old vanities is because among sinks, these are the more used piece of furniture in the entire house. For an easier choice and a complete transformation, we suggest you to choose a one-piece cabinet with a matching top. Even if the installation process is a little bit easier, the basic how-to will be still the same.

The price for new vanities starts from about £150 and can end up even at £3 000 for a first-class piece of furniture. This price resides in the type of material chosen. The cheapest vanities made of plastic laminate are for short term bathrooms, while solid marble or granite ones are an investment worth to be made for long term.

Easy Remove of a Vanity

Removing the old vanity can be made in 6 easy steps:

  • Shut off the water;
  • Disconnect the pipes;
  • Remove the backsplash;
  • Remove the top;
  • Pull the top free from the vanity;
  • Remove the vanity;

If opted for the complete transformation, clean up the wall before installing the new vanity. Even if it is not impossible to paint after installing the new one, it is definitely a lot easier to do it beforehand. First just remove the caulk and patch any wall damage. After complete drying of the patch, spot-prime the repaired areas and paint the entire wall.

Step-by-step Instructions for Installing a New Vanity

a-bespoke-sink-vanity-unit-with-solid-marble-top-1830-pFurther, you will have to lay out the dimensions of your vanity on the wall. This thing is made for those bathrooms whose flooring doesn’t get underneath. After succeeding that, you will have to install the filler strip. This act is important because filler strips give your cabinet doors room to swing without hitting the wall.

For a straight forward work, mark the stud layout before you fasten your vanity to the wall. The next step is to screw the frames together and slide them into position using a level, to make sure they’re on spot from front to back. When you finish this, you will have to screw the cabinet to the wall. Take great care of positioning the cabinet because drilling once again in your wall is not something that you may want. For this, try using tapered shims and screw them to the wall into the studs you located earlier.

Install the kick panel, scribe the top to fit into the space, sand to the scribe before installing the faucet and drain. After all this works have been accomplished, install the top and connect the water supply lines. When finished, apply caulk where the backsplash meets the wall and let it dry.

Following these simple rules, your newly installed marble bathroom vanity should be ready to use. Just trust yourself and take great care, and you’ll achieve a complete transformation for your house’s kitchen.