Marble Worktops in Guildford Surrey – Price & Installation

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Marble Worktops in Guildford Surrey

Marble is an incredibly popular stone for being used within home remodels, especially the kitchen for worktops and it is not hard to see why. Marble offers such a beautiful and clean appearance that offers unlimited elegance. Marble will never go out of style so it will be well worth the investment and it can very easily become the centrepiece of the home, let alone kitchen. Marble is also one of the cheaper options when it comes to purchasing a hard wearing and durable worktop. Depending on the type of Marble you decide to purchase for your kitchen worktop, it can be cheaper than Granite which may surprise you. However, Marble is a much more porous stone and softer than Granite which results in it being more liable to stain and scratch.

Why Marble?

Marble is such a beautiful stone that it is able to sell itself without any persuading, however here are a few great points about why Marble would make the perfect material for your kitchen. Marble has such a great beauty to offer its owner and it will never come out of style and therefore you will be getting such a timeless piece.
While rare Marble can be very expensive, there are much more common pieces of Marble that are affordable and in some cases can be cheaper than Granite.

Why InovaStone?

When you choose InovaStone to supply and install your Granite kitchen worktops in Famborough, you are able to be completely at ease that you will be receiving only the best service in your area. Not only will you be getting the best service, we can also promise you that you will get the best price.
We are able to make a commitment to our customers that any written quote that they receive we will beat it. So if you feel that you may have a better quote than what we previously gave you, please give us a call to discuss it.
Our experienced workers have been working in the industry for at least 14 years and therefore we not only do not need to hire out any subcontractors, we choose not to! When you come to us for your Granite worktops the same team who template, cut and finish your worktop will be the same team who eventually come to your home or commercial property to fit it.

Get a FREE Quote!

If you are interested in getting a quote from us for your new Marble worktop, then you can either do this on our website or by calling us directly. Our customer advisors are more than happy to discuss your options with you to come to an agreement that you are completely satisfied with.

Our big of professional and experienced workers who will be coming to the door of your home or commercial property to install your Marble kitchen worktop will be the same ones who have been working on your worktop from the very beginning, which offers you a very customised experience with InovaStones.
As we are able to oversee the entire process, we are able to keep to our high standards and timeliness and never let a worktop leave our workshop that we are not completely happy with. If a worktop does not meet our standards, it does not leave until it does, ensuring that you receive only the best quality of service.
Our engineers will make sure that all of your kitchen appliances that are around the kitchen worktop areas will not be damaged during this process or affected in any way. When our team of engineers arrive at your door ready to fit your Quartz Stone worktop, your fitting may include a trial fitting to make sure that it goes as smoothly as possible, a demo that is completed by the project manager as well as assembly without any gluing.