Marble Worktops in Surrey – Template, Installation & Price

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Marble is a natural stone that comes in different colour and veining. For many decades, it holds the throne when it comes to kitchen and bathroom modelling. Marble is recognizable for its veining, which can be very soft or very distinct. The shape of veins and colour is never the same on two different marble slabs, which makes the product unique.

At InovaStone, we template, supply and install marble worktops for residential and commercial objects in Surrey and surrounding areas.

Marble benefits:

Cool to the touch: marble absorbs heat quickly, that’s why marble always feels cool to the touch. Because of this quality, it is suitable for busy kitchens and working pastry.

Moderate maintenance: cleaning of marble is easily handled with just soap and water. However, you should seal them every 3-6 month, depending on the colour.

Recognizable: marble is recognizable by the veining it has. The veining can be very bold or delicate. Each marble style is different from the other by the length, thickness and colour of its veining.

Unique: no two marble slabs are alike; with marble, you are always getting a unique product.

Durability: marble will handle high impact with ease, without breaking or cracking. However, you should be more careful around edges, which can get chipped easier.

Can be used for various purposes: marble for other elements of your home, like floors, wall cladding, backsplashes…It can be even used outdoors.

Template, Installation & Price

Our experienced team of fitters will complete successfully any kind of installation, from kitchen worktops to shower walls. We do not use subcontractors and the whole process will be delivered solely by us.

The turnaround time is important to us, as we thrive to provide the highest quality service in the most efficient manner. In just 7 days, you can have your worktops installed and ready to use.

If you still haven’t decided on the colour, we advise you to visit our showroom to see the colours in person. We will help you decide which colour will fit your home style and budget the best.

The prices for marble worktops are varying for a few several factors. The main is the colour and style you choose.

Some colours are rarer than the others, which will make them more expensive. The next factor is obviously the size you will need. Finally, if you are looking for any special treatments, that will be also added to the price.

The prices for marble worktops are starting from over £300 per square meter.

At InovaStones, we have a wide variety of marble countertops at competitive prices. We have a base of satisfied customers whose testimonials are proof of our quality.

Contact us today and get your new marble worktops installed in just 7 days!