Most Popular Granite Colours For Kitchen Countertops

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Kitchen CountertopsWhen you opt for a granite kitchen countertop, you’re getting a seriously strong surface which is going to last you for a long amount of time. This is a great perk, because it means that you’re not going to need to replace your surface any time soon, and you get the beautiful, natural appearance that granite is so famous for too.

If you’re not too sure on whether to actually go for granite or not, here are the main advantages:

  • Granite is the strongest natural stone
  • It is highly heat, stain, and scratch resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Low maintenance, only requires sealing around once per year
  • Available in a large amount of colours, patterns, and finishes
  • Widely available, so you can shop around for deals

Now you’ve had your head turned by this strongest natural stone, you’ll be wanting to think about colours. Of course, it’s always a good idea to check out particular colours in the showroom, because every single colour will look slightly different in natural light and artificial light, and you want to be sure of what you’re getting.

Aside from that, shopping around for deals will yield results, because if you can save anything, it’s a major bonus!

In terms of the most popular kitchen countertop granite colours, these are five of the most popular.

Black – This is never going to go out of fashion, and a monochrome décor will look fantastic no matter what year it is.

White – Light reflecting and very clean, white is a fantastic choice. Don’t be fooled into thinking that white is just white, because there are countless different shades of white to choose from; if you’re a little scared of bright white, you could go for something a little more muted.

Grey – Go for a dark or a light grey, or perhaps something in the middle, and pair it with cream or white for a truly modern and beautiful appearance. You can have a plain grey, or you can add in a pattern, such as veining or ‘spots’, to add character.

Coffee colours – We are talking about cappuccino, latte, or espresso here, i.e. mid, light, and dark brown. Again, pair it with a lighter shade for a beautiful combination, and add in patterns in the various shades you choose.

Duck egg blue – For small kitchens, a light duck egg blue, paired with cream or white, is super-fashionable, and also light reflecting, which makes the room look larger, without the need for a pricey extension!

These five colours are the primary decision, and from there you need to think about the light or darkness of the shade, the pattern you want, or no pattern at all, and then the finish – i.e. do you want a shiny finish, or do you want something which is matte?

These decisions will all add up to the beauty and wonderful appearance of your new granite worktop, making your kitchen look super-fashionable, edgy, and also give you a new addition to your home which is going to stand the test of time.

As a tip, try and avoid edgy fashion colours, i.e. anything which is ‘faddy’ – you will find these don’t go with everything and if you decide to change your décor, you’re going to be stuck with a colour which is difficult to work around.