Natural Marble vs Quartz Marble Effect Stone

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Natural Marble vs Quartz Marble Effect StoneSo, you have your eye on the appearance of Marble but whether you choose for the real deal or Marble effect Quartz is still up for discussion. Both stones offer a brilliant set of advantages and this overview will discuss both sides (bad and good) for both stones to allow you to decide what is best for you.

Quartz Marble Effect Stone

To be honest, the main appeal of choosing Quartz Marble effect stone is that you are able to achieve the appearance of Marble without the hefty price tag. Quartz will also let you decide on the final appearance of it by choosing everything from the colour to the finer details of the veining. Any combination of colours and patterns will be available as it will be entirely man made. Want something very particular in mind? Then this may just be the stone for you.

When it comes to keeping it clean, Quart is also one of the best options for you to choose from. Quartz requires zero maintenance or sealing which means that it saves your pocket in the long run. Simply, you will get all the benefits of a non-porous stone without any long term costs and hassle of booking it to be done in the first place.

Unlike Marble, Quartz is able to withstand large amounts of traffic so it being in the most popular areas of your own is perfect!

However, with all of its benefits in mind, it does have one looming downfall – it just is not Marble. The appearance of Marble is undoubtedly different and cannot be mimicked. While it can be mimicked very well, it will never be an exact match.

Natural Marble

When it comes to the real deal and choosing Marble, there are many great things to factor in to what you will be getting. Marble offers a stunning, timeless beauty that just cannot be matched. Marble offers a unique appearance with each single slab which adds character to your home and every room you place it in.

While the uniqueness can be a huge benefit, it can also be an inconvenience to some customers. If you are not wanting every slab to be different and you are looking for a uniformed look, then Marble will not be the stone for you.

Marble does require a long term commitment of being resealed, however this sealing treatment is a huge benefit to the stone. By having it done you will achieve complete waterproofing, heat resistance, scratch resistance as well as it being non-porous. Being sealed means that your Marble will never harbour any bacteria nor will it soak up any spillages either.