Natural Stone for Kitchen Islands & Worktops – Pros & Cons

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Natural Stone for Kitchen Islands & Worktops – Pros & Cons

Natural stones have been dominating the kitchen scene for what seems to be decades now. The reason for that is that natural stones, namely Granite and Marble, are the most durable materials that are almost impossible to break. As with any other material, they have their pros and cons, so continue reading and find out about them.


 1. Beauty

 The beauty of natural stones is unmatched; they represent luxury and are often used for public institutions because of that. You can have the same luxury in your home just by choosing them for your kitchen island and worktops. Marble is recognizable by its veining, while granite by the granulation it has. These are not the only patterns they can have, but they are the most common ones.

 2. Durability

 Both materials are very hard and will not break that easily. The difference is that granite is completely scratch resistant, while marble is not. Although marble will not break that easily, it can get scratched. Make sure to always use a cutting board with it.

 3. Easy to clean

 The cleaning of both is very easy with just soap and water required. Make some soapy water and wipe your worktops and kitchen island with a soft cloth. Then rinse off the soap suds with a clean damped cloth.

 4. Resistant to heat

 When it comes to the resistance to high temperatures, they are unbeatable and that is one of the main reasons why they are so popular for use in the kitchen. You can postpone a hot pan on both without any worries of burning them. They are also suitable for large and commercial kitchens because of that.

 5. Long-lasting

 Although they can be more expensive than other materials, they will make a smart investment. Granite and marble will last triple the amount of time then other materials, if not more. Since they are very durable, with proper maintenance they will last you for decades.


 1. They can stain

 This applies to marble especially. Marble is a soft and porous material that can get stained relatively easily. Granite is less porous than marble and will not get stained as easily, but it is not completely stained proof either. Make sure to always use mats and trivets with your worktops for prevention. Also, wipe the spills at the earliest opportunity. The sealant will make them less porous, so make sure to seal your worktops regularly, meaning several times a year.

 2. Sensitive to chemicals

 Harsh chemicals found in household cleaners can ware of the sealant and lead to discolourations. If such chemicals come in contact with your surfaces, neutralize their effect with water. Avoid such chemicals and simply use soap or mild detergent instead.  If you want to deeply clean your worktops, mix some vinegar with water.

 For more information about the natural stone worktops and kitchen islands, please feel free to contact us.